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Chapter 672: Second Wave of Humiliation

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Who knew that the student he referred to was actually… Qiao Nian!

It took Wei Ling a long time to find her own voice. The muscles on her well-maintained face twitched fiercely, and she barely pulled out a smile. In fact, her smile was uglier than a crying face. “Professor Cheng Wu, you said she was the top scorer in the Qing University entrance examination. Top? Did you make a mistake? Why didn’t I hear about it before…”

She always thought that Qiao Nian had failed the entrance examination!

Because Qiao Nian never told Shen Jingyan about getting into Qing University, unlike Qiao Chen, who immediately called them to tell the good news as soon as she got the results.

She assumed that Qiao Nian did not make it.

But Qiao Nian actually did? And was even the top scorer?

Wei Ling felt like the sky was spinning. This was absurd!

Wei Ying and she had covered Wei Qi’s affairs very tightly. Everyone only knew that the little son of the Wei Family was in trouble again, but they did not know the inside story.

She didn’t even know that Wei Qi’s three-year sentence had something to do with Qiao Nian.

He smiled upon hearing this and then said in a way that would please Nie Mi, “It’s not unusual that you haven’t heard about it. This time, the school did not publish the results as early as in previous years. It was only at midnight that the transcript of the joint examination was published on the school intranet. The results can only be accessed by colleges and universities, and will not be officially disclosed to the public until tomorrow.

“Didn’t you ask me at the airport, who was the student all the colleges and universities were going for? I didn’t tell you at the time, but I said that you would know it the following day. That’s what I meant.”

Wei Ling was speechless. If she knew that the person Cheng Wu was talking about was Qiao Nian, she would rather stay ignorant for her entire life than have her face slapped with such embarrassment at this moment.

Not realizing that Wei Ling’s complexion was rather awful, he continued saying, “Qiao Nian is not only the top scorer in our Qing University entrance exam but also Master Nie’s private disciple. She was at Master Nie’s birthday party a few days ago. The video of her performance was posted on the Internet, and it’s still on the hot search now. Rao City has really groomed a talent! Chen Chen has good results, and Qiao Nian has even better results!”

Chen Chen has good results, and Qiao Nian has even better results!


These words slapped everyone in the Qiao Family loudly, especially Wei Ling and Qiao Chen, whose faces were sore.

In addition to the pain, Qiao Chen’s face was also pale and bloodless, and her whole body trembled. If she hadn’t clenched her fists so tightly, she would have gone limp on the ground in this strange and embarrassing atmosphere. If that happened, she wouldn’t have the courage to watch Wei Ling’s reaction.

Qiao Nian listened to him boast about the results of the entrance exam, then raised her eyes and glanced at the large group of people in front of her indifferently. She said to Nie Mi, “I’m hungry, let’s go and eat.”

Nie Mi also did not like to socialize with people he didn’t know, and given his status, he really didn’t have to do that. He nodded as soon as Qiao Nian said that. “Okay, let’s go in.”

He was just about to ask Principal Liang if he wanted to join them or have dinner with Cheng Wu and the others when Cheng Wu spoke. “Old Nie, are you eating here too? It’s such a coincidence, so are we. Shall we dine together?”

Nie Mi frowned.

Cheng Wu remembered Wei Ling mentioning that she wanted to have a meal with Principal Liang as well. Now that they were all in the same place, he did not think too much. He went on, “President Wei has reserved a private room, and we haven’t gone there yet. Principal, Master Nie, why don’t we eat together? It’ll be more fun as well.”

He even turned around to ask Wei Ling, “Right, President Wei?”

Wei Ling blushed upon hearing that, feeling as if a bone was lodged in her throat. She was speechless!

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