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Chapter 673: It Isn’t Qiao Chen Who Is Promising

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“President Wei?” Cheng Wu called out with a frown when she did not respond.

What was the matter with Wei Ling? He was helping them to make appointments. If she didn’t help and wouldn’t even continue the conversation even after he had served the opportunity on a platter, did she really want to ask Principal Liang out?!

Wei Ling came back to her senses, met his urging gaze, and forced herself to open her mouth. “Ah, yes.”

Just a single word, that was it.

Cheng Wu was almost pissed off. He was embarrassed in his bid to make things work out here. “President Wei probably did not expect to meet you here, Principal Liang, so she’s a little distracted. She actually told me earlier on that she wanted to invite you to dinner. It happened that her niece, Qiao Chen, was also admitted to our school this year, with a good grade of 589. It isn’t as good as student Qiao Nian’s, but she’s taking the Arts path, and this result is already ranked among the top students who participated in the entrance exam in the past.”

Principal Liang looked around the crowd and saw the uneasy girl holding her bag. He took a curious look and then looked back. “Well, this year, there are a few students with good grades in the Qing University entrance examination. They’re all good.”

“That’s right. Who knew that Qiao Nian and Qiao Chen were both from the same city? I was curious when I looked at the file before. They seemed to come from the same high school and both were students in the First High School. It’s just that Qiao Chen was transferred to Fifth High School because of her father’s work commitments.” Cheng Wu appeared to have just found out, and said enthusiastically, “Hey, besides that, they both have the same surname: Qiao.”


Qiao Nian squinted her eyes half-heartedly. Everyone who knew her well knew that this was a sign of her impatience.

When Qiao Chen and the others heard this, they were somewhat untenable.

Not to mention Wei Ling, who had barely recovered from the shocking discovery.

Shen Qiongzhi and Qiao Weimin’s expressions were unnatural. Qiao Weimin’s was a little better. After Aunt Chen’s matter, he was a lot more open-minded. Shen Qiongzhi was different; her triumphant expression from before was now gone. All that was left on her face was a pale bluish shade from her pathetic embarrassment.

The Qiao Family relatives also looked at Qiao Chen and Qiao Nian and seemed to compare them with a mirror in their hearts.

It was just a while ago that Shen Qiongzhi talked about how Qiao Nian had only scored 400 points and did not make it into the interview round, let alone to be enrolled in Qing University.

Qiao Chen was different. Her grades were good. With a high score of 589, she was also valued by Professor Cheng Wu. She had a bright future.

Now it seemed that the promising person was not Qiao Chen at all, but Qiao Nian, who she said did not get into Qing University!

Professor Cheng Wu, who she just boasted about, was so polite to Qiao Nian. The two people with Qiao Nian seemed to be the Principal of Qing University and… whoever the other person was, they were not sure. However, that other man seemed to be rather extraordinary too, from his aura.

Moreover, Qiao Chen scored 589 points and they decided to announce it lavishly, and even hold a school promotion banquet. Meanwhile, Qiao Nian was the top scorer in the entrance exam without saying anything!

They had no idea how many marks she scored.

If the score was 20 or 30 points higher than Qiao Chen’s, the face of the Qiao Family would be smashed by Qiao Nian this time.

During this time, they talked about all sorts of topics.

How could Qiao Chen not feel the difference in the way her relatives saw her? Her heart was so cold. She pinched her palms and stood there, holding on without embarrassing herself on the spot, and her delicate lower lip almost bled from how much she bit it.

Why did Professor Cheng Wu have to mention this, of all things?

Why did he have to compare her with Qiao Nian!

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