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Chapter 662: The Deepest Pit He Dug for Himself in His Life

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Gu San was shocked.

Ye Wangchuan’s expression stiffened. From the arrogance and laziness which was obvious on his face, it was now replaced with a slightly annoyed look.

Qiao Nian noticed his reaction. She raised the corners of her mouth and smiled wickedly and calmly. Then, she turned and walked to the sofa, saying, “I just took a look at your pulse. You’re recovering well, but you still have to pay attention to the amount of rest you are getting. You’re mainly suffering from a deficiency of vigor and blood. Besides that, you’re recovering well.”

“Okay.” Ye Wangchuan was hit hard. He pursed his thin lips and could not say a word. His head hurt.

He had always been good at digging pits for others. However, he did not expect that he would stumble over the pits he had dug.

That time at the Waterside Loft was definitely the deepest pit he had ever dug for himself in his life!

If he knew it would come to this, he wouldn’t have thought too much then. When she asked if he was her boyfriend then, he shouldn’t have said something about just being good friends!

Oh my god! Why did he have to say they were just good friends!


Gu San was still in the ward. Seeing his sickly expression, he quietly wiped away a tear of sympathy for him in his heart.

“Master Wang…” He opened his mouth to speak, wanting to comfort him.

Just when he started speaking, a pair of sharp eyes directed a faint glance in his direction. The comforting words he was just about to say turned into a silent pat on Ye Wangchuan’s shoulder.

At this time, silence would be more appropriate than words!

Ye Wangchuan couldn’t speak. His eyes sank and he put his hand back on the table carelessly. He had already thought about the possibility of kicking him out to gain more experience. After all, it was sometimes very unsightly to put such a living treasure by his side.

Qiao Nian had already found a comfortable position on the sofa to curl up in. She took out her cell phone and was prepared to play for a while before leaving.

Not noticing their interaction, she spoke without raising her head. “By the way, I brought you something. You can drink a bowl. It will be good for your health.”

Ye Wangchuan remembered that she was carrying a thermos flask with her when she arrived. He asked Gu San to bring it over.

Gu San knew what to do. In three to five steps, he retrieved the flask and unscrewed the lid, causing a pungent smell of Chinese medicine to come out. He frowned and turned his head towards Qiao Nian. He then asked the girl who was playing games, “Miss Qiao, what is this? It looks like soup…”

At the same time, it did not resemble a typical soup.

The chicken soup should be milky white, with a layer of browned grease on the surface. This was not the case for this soup. It looked dull, and the flavor of traditional Chinese medicine was very strong. Furthermore, the color of the soup was not the same.

“Ah. Are you referring to the soup I brought?” Qiao Nian held the cell phone in both hands horizontally as she logged in to the game. Without even raising her eyelids, she said carelessly, “That’s pork liver soup.”

Gu San was speechless. Pork liver soup?

Gu San usually hung out with Ye Wangchuan and their friends. They usually ate dishes made from expensive ingredients. He rarely touched ingredients like pork liver.

Furthermore, this was the first time he had ever heard of pork liver soup!

What kind of cuisine was this?

Would Master Wang even want to drink this?

Qiao Nian took advantage of the time to enter the game. Then, she raised her head. Her dark eyes were like dots of ink. She looked very beautiful. She looked over from a distance and said, “Pork liver nourishes a person’s vigor and replenishes blood. Eating more pork liver is good for people who are recovering. If you can’t understand it, you can try thinking about it like this. The liver’s main function is to help in detoxification, and poisoning is tantamount to damaging the liver. Thus, eating pork liver can help the liver recover faster.”

She explained by saying we should eat what was damaged in order to help in the recovery.

Was she saying that Master Wang was equivalent to a pig?


Gu San understood what she was saying.

Qiao Nian didn’t think too much about it before. After taking another look at them, it seemed like they were rejecting the pork liver soup. She then added, “I put Chinese medicine in it. The taste is okay. It’s not as difficult to accept as you imagine.. You can try it if you don’t believe me.”

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