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Chapter 663: Lifting Young Master’s Assault Rifle

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Ye Wangchuan never touched offal. When he went to eat mala soup with her previously, he did not add duck’s blood into his soup. However, he seemed to have changed his mind. He turned his head towards Gu San calmly and said, “Give me a bowl.”

Seeing his determined expression, Gu San couldn’t say anything. He silently poured a bowl of soup for him.

At this moment, Qiao Nian’s game started. She changed her posture, resting her long legs on the side. She was leaning her elbows on the armrests of the sofa, supporting her chin, and refocusing her attention on her cell phone.

As she entered the game lobby, a team invitation popped up on her screen.

Qiao Nian took a look. The invitation was from [Lifting Young Master’s Assault Rifle]. The ID looked familiar. She held her chin and thought for a while before remembering that it was Qin Si’s game ID.

She didn’t accept the invitation and clicked on the “reject” button.

Just as she rejected the invitation, she received a Wechat message from someone.

Qiao Nian didn’t like to be disturbed when playing games, especially messages. However, Qin Si was Ye Wangchuan’s friend. After thinking about it, she temporarily quit the game interface and opened WeChat patiently.

Qin Si’s messages were at the top of her notifications.

There were three new messages from him.

Qiao Nian clicked on it.

[Sister Qiao, you’re playing the game, right? Why do you not want to team up?]

[Let’s play together. I happen to be free, I can help you rise up in the rankings!]

[Did you click wrongly? Why did I receive a notification that you rejected my invitation? I’ll send you another invitation. Zhang Yang and two other friends are here. All of us together will make a full team of five members. We can definitely win together.]

Qiao Nian never thought of playing together. When she heard that strangers would be joining them, she was even more unwilling to play together. However, she lowered her eyes and replied Qin Si.

[QN: I will stay for only one game. I will be leaving after. We can play again next time.]

She replied with a simple message.

It was concise.

She was direct, too.

Qin Si was most probably also holding on to his cell phone. After she sent the message, she noticed that the message was seen by Qin Si.

After a while, Qin Si sent her another message.

He didn’t pester her anymore.

[Okay, then let us play next time. I just saw you online and decided to invite you to form a group of five. Your technique was pretty good. Can you play computer games? I will take you to play computer games another day. It’s more fun than mobile games.]

Qiao Nian played games occasionally.

She had played several popular games before. She had also registered accounts for those games. Before she transferred into the First High School, she had more time on her hands and played games more frequently.

However, ever since she left the Qiao Family and transferred schools, she had been busy with many things and did not have the time to play games.

Thinking back, the time she played the game at Nie Mi’s party was the first time in a long time.

However, games were addictive. After playing them once, you would keep feeling the urge to play again.

Qiao Nian lowered her eyelashes and replied to his message. She then closed the WeChat application. She re-entered the game and started to play a separate game.

There was no need to team up with Qin Si and the others. Qiao Nian was still having fun on her own.

She operated the characters under her control quickly and fluently. The character kicked the door, changed guns, picked up supplies, and then drove, looking for angles to snipe. The whole process flowed smoothly, and nothing bothered her. In the end, the other players in the group she was assigned to just had an easy victory.

After the game, she was immediately invited to team up with someone for another game.

Qiao Nian rejected all the invitations.

Nie Mi called before she could leave the game.

Qiao Nian quit the game dryly. She picked up the call and put the phone to her ear.. She had just finished playing her game, so her voice was slightly faint and a little nasal. “Hello?”

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