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Chapter 607: Sister Nian, Your Identity Was Exposed

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“That’s right, Young Master Qin. Why is she not here yet? Could it be that she lost her way? The Lan Pavilion is quite big, do you want us to send someone to show her the way?” Another man with a squarish face also asked. “By the way, Young Master Qin, how old is the girl from Rao City? Do you have a picture of her? It’s best if you have a picture of her, in case we don’t recognize her.”

Qin Si glanced at him annoyingly. “I don’t have a picture.”

With that, he earnestly picked up his cell phone and looked for Qiao Nian’s number. He wondered if he should call to check if she had already reached.

At the same time, he raised his eyes and warned the people in the private room. “You guys, don’t cause any trouble for me just because she’s from Rao City. I’ll say this first. Although she’s from a small place, if any of you disrespects her, it’s the same as disrespecting me. All of you better pay attention and accommodate her.”

Everyone felt that the person coming would be his distant relative. She would be someone his elders had ordered him to take care of.

Although they didn’t like it and looked down on the people from smaller families, they didn’t dare to disrespect Qin Si. They all said, “Don’t worry, Young Master Qin. We have experience taking care of kids. We’ll just talk about her studies and her interests. I’m sure she won’t be bored!”

Only Zhang Yang was still stunned.

The person who was coming was Master Wang’s younger sister?

He scratched the back of his head, a little taken aback.

Why didn’t he hear about Master Wang having a younger sister before? Was she a god-sister that Master Wang met in Rao City? Then, what would happen with Miss Jiang?

Everyone believed that Master Wang and Miss Jiang would make a good couple. All of a sudden, Master Wang revealed that he had a god-sister.

He peeped at Qin Si, who looked very impatient. He wasn’t sure of the situation and planned to wait and take a look at how things turned out first.

Everyone in the room was still discussing their experiences dealing with kids.

All of a sudden, a clear knock came from the door.

A young girl’s voice could be heard, following the knock.

Her voice was slightly hoarse.

It was very provocative.

“Excuse me, is Qin Si here?”

The room was silent, and everyone was just looking at the door.

The first thing they saw was a pair of beautiful legs wearing a pair of slim jeans. They were straight and long. Under the room’s light, just her legs were enough to stun the people in the room.

No sound came from the room.

Everyone looked up. The person walking in was about eighteen or nineteen years old. Her face looked very young, but she was completely different from the timid image that Qin Si had described. Her body was full of vigor and she had a strong aura. She was wearing a printed sweater that looked very cool. She was also wearing a baseball cap that covered less than half her face. Her eyes were dark and deep, and the wildness in her eyes was boundless. Her gaze stunned everyone.

Qiao Nian didn’t expect so many people to be present in the room. She pulled down the brim of her cap, raised her head, and asked again politely, “Hello, is Qin Si here?”

Her voice was still hoarse.

It was very different from ordinary girls.

People who could get into Qin Si’s circle were people with a good family and extensive connections. However, they were still stunned.

The squarish-faced man, who was just joking about having experience dealing with kids, turned his head to look at Qin Si sitting inside and said, “Young Master Qin, she’s looking for you.”

Qin Si looked as though he had seen a ghost, and his senses didn’t return to him for a long time.

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