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Chapter 608: He Became Even More Embarrassed

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Master Wang’s sister from Rao City was the Miracle Doctor?

He felt as though something was stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t speak. His face simply expressed wonder.

He had always pictured Master Wang’s sister to be some timid girl from Rao City.

He took another look at the girl standing more proudly than him at the door.

The corners of Qin Si’s mouth lifted a little.



Coming from a small place?

He suddenly thought of what happened a few hours ago. She was at the Wei Residence and made Liang Lu so upset with just a sentence.

However, he reacted quickly and regained his senses. He got up and changed his stunned look. His face became more serious as he went forward to greet her. “I see you have reached safely. I was just about to call you to see if you needed someone to come pick you up.”

Qiao Nian raised her eyes and saw a young man with an outstanding appearance coming towards her. He looked good. She lowered her eyelids and said casually, “I’m sorry. I was blowing my hair and it took a little more time than I expected, that’s why I’m late.”

“It’s all right.” Qin Si was very curious about her now. He didn’t mind that she was late. He then briefly introduced the people in the room. “These are my friends. We usually hang out together. They heard that you would be joining us and wanted to host a meal to welcome you.”

He looked at the people in the room and said, “Qiao…”

He hesitated for a long time, but he still couldn’t remember her name.

When Ye Wangchuan told him about her before, he did not take it to heart. Since he didn’t take it seriously, he naturally didn’t make efforts to remember her name.

He only thought about finishing the task given to him.

Now, he felt a little embarrassed.

Who would expect Master Wang’s sister to be so amazing?

She was even able to save Old Master Wei.

The main point was how young she looked.

She was only in the third year of high school.

When he thought back to what he accomplished when he was in his third year, he felt even more embarrassed.

He was still fooling around in his third year of high school. His grades were too poor to even sit for the College Entrance Examination, so his family sent him abroad to study. After suffering on his own for a while, he finally settled down and began working with Ye Wangchuan. Only then did he start to improve.

He really admired Qiao Nian for being so skilled at performing acupuncture and knowing Traditional Chinese medicine when she was only in her third year of high school.

Although he admired her, he still couldn’t remember her name.

What did Master Wang say her name was?

Qin Si never felt so embarrassed before. He wanted to bury himself in a hole.

Fortunately, Qiao Nian saw that he had forgotten her name and casually said, “Hello, my name is Qiao Nian. Nice to meet you.”

Qin Si clapped his hands and tried to be wise after the fact. “Ah, yes, Qiao Nian. Everyone, this is my sister, please take care of her in the future.”

When Qiao Nian heard his casual remark about her being his sister, she raised her eyebrows but did not say anything.

On the other hand, Qin Si didn’t think much about it. He was in the same circle as Ye Wangchuan and was close friends. In other words, they were all part of the same family.

After his introduction, he noticed that Qiao Nian was not very comfortable around such a large group of people. He regretted asking Zhang Yang to call so many people here.

He brought Qiao Nian over to a seat in the corner of the sofa and called a waiter to replace all the wine on the table with Maofeng tea.

He also ordered a few plates of fruits and snacks. He was close to removing the melon seeds for her.

The difference in his attitude stunned everyone in the room. They couldn’t keep up with his sudden change. But everyone was only human. Even if they were stunned by his attitude change, they all noticed he was no longer indifferent and obviously placed great importance on Qiao Nian. Everyone else slowly changed their attitudes, too.. They began to look for common topics and tried not to let the atmosphere grow cold.

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