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Chapter 60: Miss Qiao, Is That a Tai Sui?

Rao City was a second-tier city, but the hospital’s business had always been good.

It was almost 6 pm when Qiao Nian arrived at the city hospital. The sun outside had shifted to the west, and the afterglow was still too hot.

She carried a white plastic bag with the name of the fruit shop printed on it. It contained something that looked like fungus but also meat, and it shook about in the bag.

Gu San accompanied Ye Wangchuan to look for Ye Qichen’s doctor downstairs, and he spotted someone walking to the hospital with a fruit bag.

“Isn’t that Miss Qiao?”

Hands in his pocket and biting a cigarette, Ye Wangchuan’s face was originally full of impatience. Upon hearing this, he immediately looked up.

Sure enough, he saw a slender figure at the elevator entrance.

Gu San asked curiously, “Miss Qiao knows someone who is also hospitalized here?”

What a coincidence.

Thinking of the mala dinner he had with her last night, Ye Wangchuan was naturally aware of this. He said in a low, smooth voice, “It should be an elder of hers.”

Gu San turned to him with a look of surprise.

Damn it, Master Wang, you even know this?!

However, Ye Wangchuan didn’t even notice him. Ever since Qiao Nian’s appearance, his eyes had been fixated.

The girl stood at the elevator entrance and waited for the elevator while wearing the hoodie he had bought for her. The blue hoodie just reached her thigh, revealing a pair of beautiful and long, slender legs. The blue color also reflected against her complexion, making her skin shine palely in the crowd. Even her back figure could attract people’s attention to her…


Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes, blinking away the slight discomfort in him.

Thinking in his heart, he told Gu San, “Go back and prepare some female jeans, then send them to the villa.”

“Huh?” Why did Master Wang want jeans?

Gu San scratched his head in confusion but still obeyed the order. “Okay.”

He looked towards Qiao Nian, then suddenly seemed to notice something. He pointed to the bag in her hands, surprised. “Master Wang, don’t you think Miss Qiao seems to be holding a Tai Sui?”

He had also been to the auction house that day.

He had seen the legendary meat Ganoderma with his own eyes.

It looked just like the contents of Qiao Nian’s plastic bag.

But far away, he wasn’t too sure.

He muttered, “… No way? How could Miss Qiao obtain it? Wasn’t it taken by the President of the Cheng Feng Corporation? But it looks identical.”

If it was really the meat Ganoderma worth 10 million yuan, then he wondered how Miss Qiao could randomly place it inside a plastic bag.

While talking, Ye Wangchuan also glanced over, looking down at the plastic bag that Qiao Nian was holding. The appearance of the contents did indeed look alike.

However, unlike Gu San, he didn’t think it was likely for Qiao Nian to obtain the meat Ganoderma.

But he still said mindfully, “Go and check the black market, see how many were auctioned off recently.”

Gu San nodded and obeyed his orders.

At that time, the elevator arrived.

Before they could say hello and see what she was holding inside the plastic bag, they watched her enter the elevator with the crowd.

Looking regretful, Gu San still thought Qiao Nian couldn’t obtain the valuable Tai Sui, but he still wanted to take a look. Looking up, he said to the handsome man beside him, “Master Wang, after we see the doctor, are we going to see the Young Master directly?”

Sigh, the Young Master was really pitiful. He had lost his mother at a young age, and his father was also a scumbag playing up to those in power. If the Old Master and Master Wang hadn’t accepted him, forcibly changed his surname to his mother’s side, and taken him under their reins, the Young Master might have had to endure much hardships with his father.

However, those people wanted to make use of the Young Master to curry favor with the Ye family.

Thinking of the people in the ward, signs of impatience grew on Ye Wangchuan’s face, and he said directly, “Wait for them to leave first!

“Go and check which floor Qiao Nian went to.”

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