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Chapter 61: Little Devil From Beijing

On the 8th floor of the inpatient department of Nanyuan District A were the independent wards. Here, they each had air-conditioning, a TV, a separate refrigerator, and a small independent living room.

Qiao Chen’s palms were sweating anxiously. She had hurried home after school in the afternoon, changed her clothes, and put on meticulous makeup. Then, she had followed Fu Ge to the hospital to visit a so-called extremely valuable relative from Beijing.

Although the Qiao Family was rich, they couldn’t squeeze into the upper circle, much less the pinnacles.

Thus, when she heard that they were visiting a junior who was the treasure of everyone in the Fu family, and whom even Madam Fu doted on, she realized she couldn’t afford to provoke this person.

She was so nervous on the way that even Fu Ge noticed.

Before entering the ward, he thoughtfully held her shoulders and softly comforted her. “Don’t worry. You’ve prepared so many toys for Chen Chen, he’ll definitely like you.

“Furthermore, I’m here with you. What’s there to be afraid of?”

Qiao Chen’s charming face was snow-white, and she nodded in relief upon hearing this. She lowered her eyelids shyly, took his arm, and said softly, “I’m afraid I’ll embarrass you if I don’t perform well.”

Fu Ge liked the way she relied on him wholeheartedly, something Qiao Nian could never do. He lowered his head and tapped on her nose dotingly, before smiling slightly and showing off his masculinity. “Little idiot. I’m here, aren’t I? My mom and brother are all inside, let’s go in.”


Qiao Chen anxiously thought of meeting Madam Fu again, her heart panicking when she remembered the scene where they were eating together at the Academic Affairs Office.

Her smile turned a little stiff, but she held Fu Ge’s arm and walked into the ward with him.

Inside, a little boy of about five years old was sitting on the hospital bed. His beautiful face had sharp, carved features, and he was snow-white and very cute.

However, the hostility in his eyes was very strong.

Madam Fu kept walking around him enthusiastically.

“Mom, brother, I’m here with Chen Chen. Hey, are you alright?” Fu Ge greeted the people inside.

Madam Fu and Fu Sinian turned around to look at them. Madam Fu only nodded dismissively, then ignored Qiao Chen.

She was obviously still angry at her for what happened in the morning.

Qiao Chen was a little at a loss as to what to do, and she felt even more wronged. Who knew that Qiao Nian was brave enough to seek justice? Madam Fu herself hadn’t told her that her relative was a second-generation aristocrat.

Thankfully, Fu Ge spoke up for her and tried to make things less awkward. “Babe, didn’t you buy pears for Chen Chen? Why don’t you cut them for him?”

Having suffered from no chance to present herself, Qiao Chen nodded hurriedly. “I’ll do it right away.”

Within instants, she had a carefully peeled pear. Using the pear skin, she made a cute bunny shape with small pieces of pear flesh and presented the dish confidently.

“Auntie, I cut a fruit for Chen Chen.”

Madam Fu originally wanted to ignore her, but when she couldn’t coax the child anymore, she glanced at her and saw the nicely-carved fruit on the plate. She gave up her seat and reluctantly looked at her. “See if Chen Chen wants to eat it.”

Wasn’t it just coaxing a child? Full of confidence, Qiao Chen walked to the bed and greeted the child on the bed, gently and enthusiastically. “Is your name Chen Chen? Hello, I’m your uncle Fu Ge’s friend.”

“…” He ignored her.

Not discouraged, Qiao Chen used a toothpick to pick up a piece of pear for him. “Chen Chen, are you hungry? Do you want to eat this pear? Look, it’s in the shape of a little rabbit, isn’t it cute? They all want you to play with them.”

Ye Qichen finally turned to look at her, his dark eyes reflecting her shadow. Qiao Chen felt anxious, and the corners of her mouth raised unconsciously at the thought that she had succeeded.

Who knew.

“Are you stupid?”

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