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Chapter 552: Veteran Zhui Guang’s Name Is QN

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Nie Mi didn’t know what she was thinking. If he knew, he might not even drink his tea and just leave.

At this moment, his mind was filled with Qiao Nian’s reply. He said without looking up, “She definitely doesn’t want to come with her dog-like temper. It’s fine. I’ll ask her again.”

Wen Ruxia picked up her teacup and looked at the tea leaves floating in the cup. Dressed in a shirt and a professional suit, she looked smart and experienced. She smiled and said, “Only Zhui Guang can make you ask a second time. If it were anyone else, they would have agreed long ago, afraid that you’d change your mind!”

“Sigh!” Unwilling to give up, Nie Mi sent a few more messages to bomb Qian Nian. Then, he looked up and said seriously, “She’s different.”


Stunned, Wen Ruxia was about to ask him what was wrong.

At this moment, Nie Mi’s phone flashed again. Wen Ruxia saw a new reply from the corner of her eye.

[QN: I’m not interested.]


Wen Ruxia was in a daze. She lowered her eyelashes and took a sip of tea.

The big boss’ name was QN?

Why did this abbreviation sound so familiar? Recently, the girl that Wen Ziyu often mentioned seemed to have the same initials.

What was that girl’s name again?

She took a sip of tea and thought for a moment before remembering.

Qiao Nian!

Yes, Wen Ziyu had been telling her recently that there was a genius in this year’s joint examination at Qing University. She had scored full marks in the joint examination, 650 points. She was beautiful and had a good personality. Her name was Qiao Nian, and she was also studying in Rao City in her third year of high school this year.

Master Nie had sent a message to Zhui Guang. The legendary mysterious and hidden Zhui Guang’s nickname was also QN.

At first glance, there seemed to be an astonishing coincidence between the two.

However, after swallowing the tea in her mouth, she put down the cup unhurriedly. Her charming and capable face wasn’t moved at all. In the blink of an eye, she threw this coincidence to the back of her mind.

She had seen Zhui Guang’s face through the VCR. She was young and brash, and she didn’t seem like a disciplined student. She was quite a gangster.

Such people usually didn’t study well.


Moreover, she played underground music and rock. She didn’t think that she could take into account her good grades at the same time.

Wen Ruxia retracted the light in her eyes and smiled slightly. She said to the elder sitting opposite her regretfully and helplessly, “Sigh, I originally wanted to invite Zhui Guang to participate. If she could participate, traditional music would shine again this time. Unfortunately, she’s unwilling…”

It was within her expectations that Zhui Guang would decline.

After all, the most mysterious existence among the young musicians had always done as she pleased. Even if the standard of the normal concert organized by her this time was very high, other than experts like Master Nie in the country, pianists like Stephen would also come from overseas. It could be said that this was a good opportunity for a youngster to stand out and earn a reputation. This kind of opportunity was different from ordinary television opportunities. The levels were different, and the circle was also different!

It was a pity that Zhui Guang refused to come.

Nie Mi couldn’t do anything about Qiao Nian’s temper. When he saw her reply, he frowned and didn’t even want to drink tea anymore. He stood up and said, “Wait for me. I’ll make a call.”

Wen Ruxia leaned back in her chair and smiled very politely. “As you wish, Master Nie.”

“Okay.” Nie Mi was still thinking about something, so he didn’t stand on ceremony with her.

He took his phone and left in a hurry.

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