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Chapter 551: Sister Nian Is Not Going Where They Wish to Go

She secured her hair with the towel in frustration and walked over. Then, she bent down, picked up her phone, and unlocked it.

She received a message.

She held her phone in one hand and leaned on one side to click on the message.

It was from Nie Mi.

It was a long message. He roughly told her that not long after, a very high-level concert would be held in Rao City. He would be attending it as a guest. He had a spot in his hands. The organizer wanted him to give her the spot because the VCR she had helped to film last time was very effective. They wanted her to participate. After Nie Mi thought about it, he also wanted her to go…

Qiao Nian read the message patiently and opened the invitation attached to the message.

On the gold-plated invitation, the other party had written it sincerely, hoping to invite [Zhui Guang] to the scene.

Qiao Nian was no longer interested after just one glance. She clicked away immediately, her slender and fair hand holding her phone. She didn’t even see what she was typing before she replied in a few seconds.


Wen Ruxia was drinking tea with an old man in a traditional Chinese suit. After her assistant gently brought hot water, she quietly went out. Throughout the entire process, she held her breath and did not dare to look around.

Halfway through, the elder’s phone suddenly rang.

Seeming relaxed and not seeming to care about anything, the old man suddenly seemed to have become a different person. He stopped drinking his tea and immediately picked up his phone by the table.

Nie Mi was really nervous, and his heart was in his mouth. He couldn’t wait to open Qiao Nian’s message.

[QN: No.]

It was obvious at a glance.

Compared to the 180-word message he had sent, she was too heartless!

Wen Ruxia didn’t know what was written on the message, but she could guess from his grave expression. She picked up her teacup and took a sip of tea. Smiling unhurriedly, she said, “Master Nie, what did Zhui Guang say? She’s not coming?”

Although in the eyes of outsiders, with Master Nie’s status in the music industry, there shouldn’t be anyone who wouldn’t give him face if he invited a newcomer to the concert, she was lucky to have seen that Zhui Guang through a video.

She was young, looking to be only 18 years old. She might still be studying, but her aura was definitely not that of an ordinary person.

How should she describe that big boss?

The thing that left the deepest impression was her overly beautiful face.

Then, there was the calmness and banditry in her eyes.

She remembered that the other party had introduced traditional music and kowtowing. Her tone was neither slow nor slow, but it was like a cool breeze blowing past, making one feel comfortable.

Few young people were this calm nowadays.

Although she had yet to see Zhui Guang in person, Wen Ruxia felt that she wasn’t the kind of person who pursued fame and fortune.

After all, with the name “Zhui Guang,” and the current traffic and popularity…

Putting everything else aside, being in the entertainment industry was just a casual matter.

Plus that face…

The girl’s overly beautiful face appeared in Wen Ruxia’s mind again. She couldn’t help but think of her silly nephew.

The two of them seemed to be about the same age.

She stopped at the thought.

She felt quite regretful.

If it was an ordinary family, that beautiful and talented young lady would be more than enough to be Wen Ziyu’s girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the Wen Family wasn’t ordinary. No matter how carefree they were, they still had certain requirements for a daughter-in-law.

That girl was not bad, but she wasn’t worthy of Wen Ziyu.

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