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Chapter 55: Sister Nian Humiliates

The police knew who Qiao Nian was.

The rest of the teachers’ hearts sank. This was especially the case for the Dean of Teaching as they had tried to help her.

Qiao Chen smiled uncontrollably. She immediately covered it up, afraid of being seen.

Shen Qiongzhi went up to her and smiled. It felt as though they had the entire situation under control. “Hi, I was the one who called. I would need to clarify something with you guys.

“Was there a riot in your district yesterday night?”

Cai Gang looked towards Qiao Nian. He even wanted to come to school to praise her yesterday, but she didn’t want it. How did everyone find out?

He was puzzled but still replied, “Yes, there was something of a similar nature. But it wasn’t a riot.”

Qiao Chen then spoke. “Sister, why aren’t you admitting your fault? Just apologize to Aunt Fu’s nephew, and I will ask her to show you mercy. You still have the chance to turn things around.”

Cai Gang and the rest of the policemen were confused. Turn things around? They couldn’t understand what was going on.

Qiao Nian messed up as the red and blue lines on her phone swapped places. She looked around coldly and said, “The policemen aren’t even asking me to admit my fault, and yet you decided that I was wrong already. Are you representing the cops now?”

Qiao Chen clenched her fists and stood silently as she bit on her lips. It looked as though she was wronged.

Shen Qiongzhi glared at Qiao Nian after seeing that her daughter was insulted. She took a step forward and spoke. “Officer Cai, here’s the deal. My husband received a call from you guys that Qiao Nian was sent to your station for fighting yesterday night. He even went over to bail her out. Do you remember it?”

Fight, station, yesterday night.

Cai Gang linked up the keywords and frowned. He then looked at her and asked, “Who’s your husband?”

Shen Qiongzhi couldn’t hide her arrogance as she answered, “I must have forgotten to mention.

“My husband is the President of the Qiao Corporation, Qiao Weimin.”

Even though the Qiao Family wasn’t as powerful as the Bo family in Rao City, they had been going strong. They managed to take their company public and were the talk of the town.

Cai Gang immediately understood everything after what she said. He then gave her a weird look and asked, “Didn’t your husband mention it to you?”

Shen Qiongzhi was confused. “What should he mention to me?”

Qiao Weimin hurried over to the station after receiving Aunt Chen’s phone call. He was in a bad mood when he returned and even went to bed without eating dinner.

She thought that his anger was because of Qiao Nian.

The reason she hurried to school was so that she could explain things to Madam Fu. This was because Madam Fu told her that her niece was beaten up by Qiao Nian yesterday.

Judging by the current situation, could she have left out something?

She started to worry.

It was right for her to worry. A cop next to Cai Gang said, “Qiao Nian came to our station yesterday. However, she was invited by us to make a statement.

“A bunch of thugs messed around yesterday. They even hurt some of the residents. Qiao Nian saw them and apprehended all of them. She even helped us by recording a statement…”

Cai Gang smiled. There was no way he was going to blame her.

“I wanted to praise her for this, actually. It’s rare to have someone like her nowadays. We even wanted to show her to your school as a model example for the students. But she wanted to keep a low profile and didn’t want us to praise her for what she did.”

Shen Qiongzhi turned pale.

Qiao Nian helped the police?

They even wanted to praise her?

Everything started to spin around her as a sense of shame overwhelmed her.

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