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Chapter 54: Nothing More Than a Country Bumpkin

Madam Fu was watching all of this unfold from the side. She despised Qiao Nian so much that she did not even bother to have a hand in this case.

Anyway, with Shen Qiongzhi around, she could sit back and watch.

The Dean of Teaching snapped back to his senses and raised his brows. He negotiated, “Mrs. Qiao, isn’t an expulsion too serious?”

Shen Qiongzhi fiddled with her handbag and did not even bother to glance at Qiao Nian, as if Qiao Nian was an embarrassment to her. She replied arrogantly, “Dean, I hope you’ll consider the parents’ perspective. We donate so much money to the school library and canteen, and for what? It’s for our children to have a better learning environment!

“Let’s forget about Qiao Nian’s truancy and lies for now. Just the fact that she got into a fight and landed herself in the police station was bad enough. Doesn’t the school owe us parents an explanation for this?”

Chen Xi chimed in. “That’s right, Dean. We have to explain things to the parents. Otherwise, the fault is with us.”


Qiao Nian couldn’t be bothered to waste her time and energy on such trivial matters. Her cell phone happened to chime, and she read the message from Wei Lou. He told her that Yuan Yongqin had already delivered her medicine to the clinic and asked when she would collect it.

There was still tension in the office.

Qiao Nian suddenly said, “So you people want an explanation?”

Shen Qiongzhi’s expression was full of disdain. She asked another question in return, “Don’t you think you owe us and your teachers an explanation?”


Qiao Nian took her cell phone out and made a call in front of all of them.

“Hello, I’m Qiao Nian. If it’s convenient, could you make a trip down to First High School?”

The whole office went quiet!

Qiao Nian went to the couch, took a seat in front of all the other teachers, and started using her cell phone.

Given her attitude, it seemed like she was disrespecting everyone there.

Shen Qiongzhi couldn’t tolerate this.

She was just a country bumpkin. If it wasn’t because of her RH- blood type that got her adopted by the Qiao family, she wouldn’t even have been able to afford an education in Luohe County!

Who was Qiao Nian to show her such an attitude now?

She took her cell phone out with a serious expression and said, “Very well, I have a call to make too. I remember that there’s a police station nearby. I’ll see if the person you called can erase all the police records!”

She slowly made a call to the police station in front of everyone.

The tension in the room was rising. Besides Madam Fu, who didn’t care that things were escalating, the rest of the First High School teachers exchanged glances, surprised that things had gotten to this stage.

A while later, the policemen arrived.


“We’re from Xiao Shan District police station.”

Over ten people were gathered around the door to see what was going on.

The Dean of Teaching turned to Qiao Nian worriedly.

But Qiao Nian still did not move. She was still using her cell phone without any other reaction. There was no fear on her face at all.

“Hmph! You’re still pretending!”

Shen Qiongzhi got up angrily and was more eager to speak to the policemen than the teachers. “Come on in.”

Cai Gang arrived with another policeman and was surprised to see over ten people in the room. He thought that they were having a meeting of sorts. Then, he caught sight of a rather feisty girl in the corner of his eye. He called out, slightly shocked, “Qiao Nian?”

He thought that she would be in class at this time, so he came over to this group of people first. He didn’t expect to see her here.

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