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Chapter 53: I Demand That the School Expels Qiao Nian

There was still a parent around, and he didn’t want to say much about Chen Xi. He simply tolerated Chen Xi and said gently to Qiao Nian, “Qiao Nian, what was so urgent yesterday afternoon that you had to leave?”

“It’s alright, just let the teachers know. Teacher Shen has already agreed to let you off this time, as long as you don’t do it again.”

His kind demeanor was an eyesore to Qiao Chen.

Qiao Nian played truant for no valid reason. Instead of going after her, he was defending her. This was unfair!

She clenched her fist and masked the evilness in her eyes. Then, as if trying to help Qiao Nian out as well, she said, “Sister, just let the teachers know honestly!”

The moment she said that everyone in the office turned to look at her.

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes and smiled wryly. She placed both her hands in her pocket and said not too kindly, “Oh, then do you want to help me explain to the teachers?”

Qiao Chen’s fair face went a little red. The fierceness in her eyes almost returned as she sensed that Qiao Nian was making things difficult for her. But she feigned an innocent look and appeared helpless as she said softly, “Yesterday evening… Sister, you went to the police station…

“One of the people you hit was Aunt Fu’s nephew, y-you shouldn’t have hit anyone no matter what.

“And I heard it happened on the streets.”

She pursed her lips, looking as if she meant well. She then said quietly, “If any of the onlookers knew that you were a First High School student, it’d be bad for the school’s reputation. Sister, you really went too far this time. The Dean and teachers trust you so much, you shouldn’t have let them down. Just own up to it now. As long as you know your mistakes and don’t make them again, the school will surely give you a second chance…”

Everyone in the office had a strange expression after hearing what she said.

“You said that Qiao Nian was fighting in the afternoon, and even ended up at the police station?!” The Dean of Teaching, who had been trying to defend Qiao Nian all this while, went red with anger. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Playing truant without a good reason was completely different from getting into a fight outside!

As much as he valued talents, he had to think hard about the school’s century-old reputation.

Shen Hui’s expression was dark as well. She had already suspected that Qiao Nian was playing dirty when she scored full marks on the mock entrance exam. Now that she heard about Qiao Nian fighting outside, she slammed both hands on the desk and demanded, “Dean, I can let it slide when it comes to her truancy. But you have to give me an explanation for this now. Otherwise, I surely will not allow such a student to be in Class A!”

Getting into fights? What was she, a gangster?

Qiao Chen could barely resist her smile when she heard about Qiao Nian being denied a place in Class A.

At this point, Shen Qiongzhi, who hadn’t said anything so far, picked up her bag and stood up. She patted the creases off her dress and said condescendingly to the Dean of Teaching, “Dean Yang, I hope you will expel Qiao Nian.”

With that, everyone in the office got a little stunned.

They didn’t expect her to be so strict and direct!

Shen Hui had only said that if this was true, she wouldn’t want Qiao Nian in her class.

But Shen Qiongzhi was asking to expel her in front of everyone else!

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