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Chapter 516: In Sister Nian’s Eyes, His Phone Call Would Only Be Regarded as Unimportant

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She subtly brought up that she was admitted to Qing University.

Sure enough, Shen Jingyan’s troubled expression eased, and his sharp and thin eyes were much gentler than before. Pursing his lips and suppressing the anxiety in his heart, he managed to say, “Look at me, I almost forgot about this.”

Qiao Chen immediately went with the flow and said softly, “It’s OK, I know that Uncle is busy. Besides, you already called to congratulate me.”

Shen Jingyan’s expression had eased a lot, and he seemed to be satisfied with her sensible behavior. Thinking about it, he said, “Alright, you should celebrate after getting into university. You’ve not been there for more than a month, it’s reasonable that your mother misses you.

“Ok, you can come with me. Pack your luggage. We’ll leave in half an hour.”

“Is it that urgent?”

“If you think it’s too rushed, you can leave tomorrow. But we won’t be going together. You can decide.”

At this time, no flights from Beijing to Rao City were available. Since Shen Jingyan was in a hurry, he had to think of other ways to get there.

He would fly to the next city first and get on another plane to Rao City. This was the fastest way to get to Rao City, but a lot of time would be wasted during the transfer, and he would feel fatigued as a flight passenger.

However, he couldn’t care much about this and only wanted to go back to the city and clean up this mess.

After talking to Qiao Chen, he was no longer thinking about her and didn’t praise her as he did in the call.

He was obviously in low spirits. After their conversation ended, he went to a corner and took out his cell phone to call someone.

After Shen Jingyan made seven or eight phone calls in a row, he turned off his phone.

On the other side, in a villa in Rao City.

Qiao Nian didn’t return until midnight. She immediately went upstairs and fell asleep without saying anything to Jiang Li and the others.

She was so tired that she turned off her phone to avoid being awoken.

She slept soundly. Everyone knew that this week was rough on her and tried their best not to disturb her. When Qiao Nian woke up, the sun had already risen to the middle of the sky.

It rained for several days in a row in Rao City, and it was finally sunny today. The skies were clear, and the temperature was warm, making people sleepy.

Qiao Nian sat up on the bed and realized that the consequence of sleeping for too long after insufficient sleep was a greater headache.

However, she had already woken up and couldn’t possibly go back to sleep. She combed her hair irritably, forced herself to get up from the bed, and took a cold shower before she finally felt awake. The annoyance in her eyes grew stronger.

In the room.

Su Huaiyuan retrieved her black shoulder bag for her; she was too sleepy last night and left it on her desk.

At this moment, Qiao Nian took out a black T-shirt from the closet and put it on. Then, she walked to the desk and turned on her phone.

The phone hadn’t been charged for a day and did not have any battery left.

She plugged the phone into the charging cable and glanced at it casually.

Generally, phones tended to freeze when they were turned on. Phones with less RAM power would take more than a minute to turn on. Qiao Nian’s phone looked old and plain, but it only needed two to three seconds to turn on.

Immediately afterward, countless notifications were received.

There were also many missed calls.

Qiao Nian had a headache after waking up. She lowered her head in annoyance and filtered through the messages on her phone.

After ignoring the unimportant notifications, such as a missed call from Uncle Shen, she noticed an important update.


Chen Yuan had called her, and there was an unread message!

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