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Chapter 515: The Situation Has Reversed and They’re Making the Demands Now

At the Shen Residence.

Qiao Chen had just finished practicing the piano upstairs and was enjoying coffee in the living room. Ever since she heard that Qiao Nian had beaten Wei Qi up, her mood had changed from cloudy to sunny. She even had a better time practicing the piano and did not feel the irritability and anxiety of the previous few days.

As she was about to taste the new flavor of her brewed coffee, she heard the sound of a car parking outside.

“Uncle is back?” Qiao Chen excitedly put the cup down, reacting faster than the servants. She immediately got up from the sofa, walked to the door, and greeted the person entering.

A servant also took out a pair of clean slippers from the shoe cabinet.

Shen Jingyan had hurried back from the Wei Family’s house. There was an ominous air around him, and he didn’t look good.

As soon as he entered the house, he handed his bag to a servant, put on his slippers, and didn’t even glance at Qiao Chen as he hurriedly instructed the servants. “Help me pack two changes of clothes. I’m going to Rao City!”

“Yes, sir.”

The servants hurriedly took his bag and carried out his instructions.

Guessing what was going on, Qiao Chen asked carefully, “Uncle, why are you going back to Rao City all of a sudden? Did something happen?”

She knew that the main issue in Rao City now was that Qiao Nian had beaten Wei Qi up!

She was in a good mood all night because of this. She was waiting to see the drama and couldn’t wait for Shen Jingyan to come home.


She shouldn’t have mentioned this, because once she did, Shen Jingyan’s temples were about to explode. He tore off his necktie and threw it on the sofa. Resisting the anger building in his chest, he said in annoyance, “I have to deal with something there.”

Qiao Chen understood that he was referring to Qiao Nian’s incident. Suddenly, the corners of her mouth rose subconsciously. Her eyes flashed, and she immediately asked, “Uncle, can I accompany you?”

“I have to deal with an urgent matter. Why do you want to follow me back to Rao City?” Shen Jingyan was extremely annoyed at the moment. He glanced at her impatiently, obviously in a bad mood.

Well, it would be strange if he were in a good mood!

Qiao Nian had beaten Wei Qi up. This was a rather serious matter. He had heard about it from his mother-in-law in the afternoon and didn’t think much of it initially.

After all, he had already chosen Qiao Chen. Qiao Nian’s mess was probably not related to him.

However, in a short span of one hour, the situation changed!

Young Master Ye actually visited the Wei Residence in person and showed his mother-in-law something. After she saw it, she was terrified and even seemed to have aged a few years.

After she sent Young Master Ye away, she immediately wanted him to mediate the situation by visiting Rao City and think of ways to placate Qiao Nian. Otherwise, Wei Qi might not make it past this difficult situation!

Wei Qi was spoiled by the Wei Family since he was a child. As long as it wasn’t a heaven-shattering event, his mother-in-law would never say something like that because she doted on him so much.


Even though Qiao Nian was the one who hit Wei Qi and he was still lying in the hospital, his mother-in-law suddenly changed her tune.

Shen Jingyan didn’t understand why, and he was restless as he tried to figure out the reason.

However, Qiao Chen misinterpreted his anxious expression. She thought that he was annoyed because Qiao Nian had caused trouble. The corners of her lips rose subconsciously, and she seemed exhilarated.

She knew how to conceal herself. Thus, even though Shen Jingyan was upset and spoke to her aggressively, she could still act sensibly.

“My mom wants me to go back for a while. She said she wants to host a banquet for me to celebrate my entrance to Qing University…”

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