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Chapter 503: He Was the Worm in His Own Stomach

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Gu San subconsciously turned his head to look at the man next to him and almost blurted out what was on his mind. Fortunately, he managed to hold onto his words and swallowed them silently.

Restless, Qiao Nian pressed down on the rim of her cap. Although she didn’t know how to explain it to him, she felt that it was necessary. “Someone came in to talk to me just now. I was preoccupied with the conversation and did not check my cell phone.”

She didn’t finish her sentence.

Messages asking her where she was or what she was doing were usually regarded as junk. If these messages were sent by people she was not familiar with, she wouldn’t even bother replying to them.

However, if it was sent by Ye Wangchuan, she would most likely reply to him.

Qiao Nian was very irritable. She didn’t know why she subconsciously felt that she would reply to him. She pursed her lips and raised her eyes.

“I did not intentionally forget to reply to you.”

Seeing that she was all right, Ye Wangchuan felt relieved. He couldn’t bring himself to quarrel with her over the fact that she didn’t reply to his message. It was a small matter. He raised his eyebrows, looked at her with burning eyes, and asked, “Someone was looking for you?”

At this question, a trace of ridicule flashed on Qiao Nian’s face. It was obvious that she didn’t take it seriously by how relaxed she looked. “More than one person came to find me. Two or three groups of people came here already.”

Ye Wangchuan changed the direction the cell phone was facing; he could now see her more clearly. He was expressionless and looked slightly cold, so she couldn’t tell if he was angry or not.

“Why were they looking for you?”

Seeing that he didn’t harp on the message, Qiao Nian relaxed. Then, her eyes became cold. Although she was sitting casually, her eyes were still wild. “It was nothing much. They said that there’s still time for me to cry and regret my actions. They also persuaded me to admit my mistakes, then they would be willing to let me go.”

Gu San was speechless. Hearing her speak so casually and seeing the vigor on her face, his lips twitched.

Miss Qiao, I know you aren’t afraid, but could you give some face to the Wei Family and restrain yourself a little?

If the Wei Family saw Miss Qiao’s careless attitude now, they would be very angry!

He didn’t know that Qiao Nian had already made Wei Ling angry. She was so angry that her chest hurt and she had difficulty breathing for some time.

Seeing her casual attitude towards this matter, the corners of Ye Wangchuan’s mouth lifted, forming a smile. He was relieved.

His eyes could peer into someone’s heart. While Gu San was still worrying and looking like a fool, he had already understood what Qiao Nian was trying to say.

“Do you have something that could implicate Wei Qi?” he casually asked.

Most of the time, the tone of his voice was very similar to Qiao Nian’s. He had a very casual tone of speaking. It was as though there were many things in this world that he couldn’t be bothered about. Even when he was investigating the illegal area, Gu San noticed that he was able to do it with ease and with a lazy attitude.

Only when it came to matters concerning Qiao Nian did Gu San could see a caring look on his face.

Gu San silently looked away. He felt as though he didn’t have a place in this video call. He was no better than the background around them.

This was because he could not understand what Master Wang was talking about.

Although Wei Qi wasn’t hardworking, he was still a member of the Wei Family. No matter how influential Miss Qiao was, she only knew people from Rao City. How could she have gotten her hands on information that could implicate him?

The people from the Wei Family weren’t fools. If Wei Qi had done something bad, they would have covered up his misdeeds already. They wouldn’t have let people find out about it!

Qiao Nian didn’t expect him to be so observant.. He managed to guess that she had something to implicate Wei Qi in her possession before she even told him about it.

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