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Chapter 502: If I Said I Didn’t Notice the Message, Will You Believe Me?

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“Three days?” Wei Ling was dissatisfied and frowned immediately. She looked at him coldly and said, “Let Cai Gang know I’ll only give him one day. I’ll supervise him while he investigates. If he still cannot produce the results by tomorrow night, I’ll look for his superiors and ask them to investigate instead, and at the same time, investigate him!”


With the strength of the Wei Family behind her, she naturally had the confidence to say this.

This circle followed the law of the jungle. The big fish would eat the smaller fishes, and in turn, the smaller fishes would eat the shrimps.


Naturally, the big fish would have the absolute right to speak within the circle. Cai Gang had never stepped foot into the real world before and insisted on fighting against Wei Ling for the sake of the Jiang Family. The Jiang Family had some influence, but this was true for the Wei Family too. In fact, the Wei Family had more influence than the Jiang Family!

This time, she had to stand up for Wei Qi!

Wei Dongshan had long been dissatisfied with Cai Gang’s behavior of always finding excuses to dodge his responsibility. After he heard that, the corner of his mouth raised slightly, and he immediately said, “Okay. I’ll inform him.”

In the interrogation room.

Qiao Nian had just sent Wei Ling away when Cai Gang came in holding a cell phone.

He spoke with someone briefly and then handed the cell phone to her, saying, “Miss Qiao, there’s a video call meant for you. Please answer it.”

“Oh? Who is calling me?”

Cai Gang hesitated, not daring to respond. He slipped the cell phone into her hand and said, “It’s just a phone call, Miss Qiao. Please take a look at it and you will know.”

Qiao Nian was relaxedly leaned back in her chair. Su Huaiyuan hadn’t arrived yet, and she wasn’t able to leave. Now Cai Gang was insisting that she answer the phone. She wondered why the person didn’t call her directly and instead called Cai Gang to pass the call to her.

Seeing Gu San’s face, she was surprised, and her temples jumped up a little.

Gu San wasn’t the main point. The main point was the person standing beside him!

Ye Wangchuan.

She now understood why Cai Gang hesitated and did not dare to say who was calling just now.

“Miss Qiao, are you alright?” Gu San immediately asked nervously when he saw her. The worry on his face did not seem fake.

“I’m fine.”

Her voice was hoarse.

She was initially leaning against the back of her chair with her long legs stretched out casually. But when she realized who was calling, she sat up straight and held onto the cell phone. Looking up, she saw Cai Gang slipping away very quickly. He gave her a sign and said, “Take your time. I’ll head out first.”

Before Qiao Nian could stop him, he had already left the room.

“How did you guys think of calling Officer Cai?” she lowered her gaze and asked calmly.

Gu San was worried that she was alone at the police station and would be bullied by the others. But seeing her complacent and not seeming like she was being bullied by anyone, he felt more reassured and his heart grew lighter. He looked around, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Master Wang was afraid that your cell phone had been confiscated and that we wouldn’t be able to reach you. Therefore, we decided to call Cai Gang and ask him to pass his cell phone to you instead.”

In fact, the reason was that Master Wang had sent a message to Miss Qiao asking her where she was, but she didn’t reply.

Master Wang thought that her cell phone had been confiscated and thought of such a way to contact her.

Looking at Qiao Nian’s attitude, it was obvious that her freedom was not restricted. The reason she did not reply to Master Wang’s message was likely because she didn’t feel like replying!

He lit a candle for Master Wang in his heart.

His expression bitter, he then asked her a question, “Miss Qiao, could you check your cell phone?”

Picking up her cell phone from the table, Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes. Sure enough, there was a message from Ye Wangchuan.

She opened the message.

[Ye Wangchuan: Where are you?]

Silence ensued for a couple of seconds.

Qiao Nian put down her cell phone and looked up with dark and translucent eyes, then spoke with sincerity. “If I said I didn’t notice the message, will you believe me?”


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