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Chapter 471: Provoked the Ye Family

Qiao Weimin’s eyebrows twitched. He didn’t expect things to develop in this direction. He turned to look at the anxious Aunt Chen and then turned back to look at Superintendent Qin. He frowned and asked implicitly, “Is there no room for maneuver in this matter?”

Everyone was an adult. The other party understood what he meant.

It meant if they could get money to settle this matter.

After all, anything that could be solved with money was unlikely to be a problem!

Superintendent Qin instantly pulled a long face and stuffed the cigarette back into his mouth. He frowned and said with a serious look, “Chairman Qiao, I advise you not to think about using connections again. Chen Yuan’s matter is more complicated than you think. There are some small details that I can’t reveal, so I didn’t tell you…”

It was the first time that Qiao Weimin saw him return a cigarette. He realized the seriousness of the matter. His eyebrows moved as he looked at him and asked in a deep voice, “Superintendent Qin, Chen Yuan is my nephew. I can’t ignore him. What’s the inside story? We’ve known each other for so many years. Can’t you tell me?”

At this point, the middle-aged man wasn’t heartless enough to keep information from him. However, seeing his persistence, he let out a long sigh and said, “You have had a lot of trouble to settle recently. Why do you have to squeeze into this mess and cause trouble for yourself?

“Other than the people who went out to play that night, there was another person in Sky Bar. That was why the higher-ups wanted to settle this as soon as possible.”

Qiao Weimin frowned and looked at him with his dark eyes. “Who is it?”

Superintendent Qin originally didn’t want to say much, but when he heard this, he obscurely said a name, “Young Master Wei from Beijing.

“He was playing there, too. That’s why I said it doesn’t matter if this was a misunderstanding or not. What’s important is that we can’t bring back all the second-generation celebrities who played in Sky Bar and interrogate them one by one, right? We don’t have the authority. Not to mention us, the court might not even have the authority!”

Superintendent Qin: “This was originally just a small matter of an assault check. If you really want to go in, it’ll be a big matter of turning the city upside down. Do you understand what I mean?”

After all, Qiao Weimin had been in the business industry for decades. How could he not understand the pros and cons of his short words?

Beijing was similar to Rao City. There were also a few top families in the upper-class circle.

There were four top families in Beijing.

The Ye Family, the Wei Family, the Wen Family, and the Shen Family.

All these years, because Old Master Shen, who had won a medal, had passed away early, the Shen Family’s development had been average. They were about to fall out of the top circle.

The younger generation of the Wen Family didn’t care much about fame and fortune. They usually kept a low profile and did not want to get involved in the matters in the circle. They weren’t as influential as in the past few years, but they were better than the Shen Family.

There were actually only two families that stood at the top in Beijing, the Ye Family and the Wei Family. They were at the peak of their power!

The Wei Family was different from the Ye family, which had strict restrictions on educating the younger generation. The younger generation that they taught were all more outstanding than the other.

The Wei Family was very sloppy when it came to educating the next generation, especially Wei Ying. It was fine for the eldest daughter, Wei Ling, to be married to Shen Jingyan. She could be considered to have made some achievements at a young age at the pianist association. However, the youngest son, Wei Qi, was a complete silkpants.

He had mixed with the wrong circle in Beijing, provoked people all day long, and bullied both men and women. However, he had the support of the Wei Family behind him, so no one dared to provoke him.

However, Beijing was different from other places. There was always someone better!

Domineering like a tyrant, Wei Qi had also kicked an iron plate a few years ago.

He didn’t know the specifics, either. He only heard Shen Qiongzhi mention briefly that Wei Qi had offended the Buddha from the Ye Family.

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