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Chapter 470: Not This Time

At the police station.

They didn’t see Chen Yuan first, but the Superintendent Qin that Qiao Weimin knew.

Qiao Weimin was good at dealing with the ways of the world. When he saw the man, he immediately handed him a cigarette and exchanged a few words with him before going straight to the point.

“Superintendent Qin, it’s like this. What did my nephew do? Why was he brought to the police station?”

He then spoke up for Chen Yuan with a smile. “He’s good at his studies. He studied at Rao City’s middle school and is also one of the top students in Class A. He looks like a very obedient child usually and doesn’t seem to cause trouble.”

Superintendent Qin had known him for many years. When Qiao Weimin’s company was still around, he had once helped him. Therefore, when Qiao Weimin came looking for him personally, he gave him face. He didn’t even smoke as he held the cigarette in his hand and said in a daze, “Last night, our team underwent a sudden inspection at Wangjiang Road. We bumped into him at Sky Bar and found…”

It was a prohibited item that young people nowadays liked very much, but it was illegal to carry such things around!

Qiao Weimin’s eyebrows twitched a few times. He didn’t dare to believe that Chen Yuan would do such a thing.

Aunt Chen also didn’t believe that Chen Yuan would do such a thing. She looked at the police officer with a worried expression. “Sir, did you guys make a mistake? Chen Yuan is not that kind of child. He didn’t even touch those things when he was working outside. Now that he’s back in school, why would he touch them…”

Superintendent Qin raised his eyebrows and looked at her. He said meaningfully, “He has been in society before? No wonder.”

When he heard from Qiao Weimin, he thought he was a good student, but it turned out he was a hooligan.

“That’s not what I meant…”

“Aunt Chen, don’t be anxious. I’ll talk.” Qiao Weimin stopped Aunt Chen, afraid that she would say something wrong due to her anxiousness.

He looked at the man with relaxed brows and said in a deep voice, “Superintendent Qin, it’s like this. That child had a period of rebelliousness in the past. He played with a few young men in society, but he isn’t bad by nature. This must be a misunderstanding. He’s in his third year of high school and is about to take the college entrance examination. He hasn’t been to school for the past two days. The school teachers are also asking about him. Do you think… you can give me some face and let him go first?”

To him, Chen Yuan’s matter could be big or small. Whether Chen Yuan was the kind of person who would bring contraband items was not important. What was important was how to handle it.

If the police released him without making a scene, it would be equivalent to it not having happened.

“If his grades are good, he’ll definitely be admitted to a key university in the future. If there’s a stain on his record, the school might not want him anymore. This child is really not bad by nature. He’s also filial and often helps his mother at the stall. How could such a child be involved in such things?”

Qiao Weimin looked at him with a burning gaze. His attitude was very clear. “Inspector Qin, don’t you agree?”

Normally, this wasn’t a big deal. Usually, they could find connections to get people out, unless their families were unwilling to.

Qiao Weimin knew that he still had some face left with him. He wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t be able to bail Chen Yuan out…

Who knew.

“Not this time, Chairman Qiao.” The other party looked determined. “I really can’t.”

With that, he looked around and made sure that no one was passing by. Then, he said hesitantly, “If you had asked me this in the past, I would definitely give you some face. But this time, it’s different. This time, the higher-ups organized an assault inspection throughout the city. At night, they submitted the name list of all the people they found. The higher-ups want us to handle everything seriously and report everything on the news… As a small director, I don’t have the authority to release anyone.”

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