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Chapter 454: He Even Asked Him for an Introduction

“So, is she from the Beijing Dance Academy or from the Beijing Film Academy this time?”

Everyone in their dormitory knew that Wen Ziyu’s family was famous. This could be seen from the way Fu Ge, the richest man in their dormitory, treated him.

Wen Ziyu was rich and also had a high standard when choosing girlfriends. None of his previous girlfriends looked bad.

He touched his nose and felt that he should also consider the girls in the entertainment industry as potential candidates to be Wen Ziyu’s girlfriend. “If she’s not from the Beijing Film Academy or from the Beijing Dance Academy, is she a star?”

Fu Ge also looked at him curiously, but he didn’t seem as curious as Zhou Yang. He leaned back against the chair and stared at Wen Ziyu. He smiled and said, “You have found someone you like? Congratulations! Who is it? You can invite her out for a meal with us next time.”

Wen Ziyu put his hands on the table and replied steadily, “She’s not my girlfriend yet. I’ll think about bringing her out for a meal after she becomes my girlfriend.”

Fu Ge smiled and said, “There’s a girl who has caught your eye and is yet to be your girlfriend?”

Wen Ziyu’s family had a lot of influence in Beijing. This was also the reason why he set aside his pride and complimented him time and again.

He raised his eyes and realized something. He said, “From your tone, is she someone I know?”

Qiao Chen’s heart was suddenly filled with anxiety. She had a feeling that Wen Ziyu’s next words would make her uncomfortable.

As expected.

Wen Ziyu changed his posture, but he still looked like a cynical playboy. He looked very gentle and approachable. But deep within his eyes, it could be seen that he was even more prideful and arrogant than Fu Ge. This was the aura that could only be cultivated by living in the most influential families.

Ye Wangchuan had the same aura, but his aura was more obvious and frightening than Wen Ziyu’s aura.

“Yes, you most probably know her.” Wen Ziyu had no intention of hiding who he liked. He spoke directly. “She’s the girl I told you about, Qiao Nian. You said she was your junior. I met her in school and asked for her phone number, but she refused.”

Suddenly having an idea, he looked at Fu Ge and started to speak, a smile slowly forming on his face. “Since you know her, could you help me make an appointment with her? I want to invite her out for a meal and get to know her better.”

Fu Ge couldn’t believe that the person Wen Ziyu liked was Qiao Nian. He gripped his chopsticks so hard that the veins on his hand started popping. He was stunned. Speechless, his lips were slightly opened.

Qiao Chen’s fingers trembled. Her emotions started to surge again.

Only Zhou Yang and the other two boys did not understand the situation. When they heard what Wen Ziyu said, they smiled and patted Fu Ge on the shoulder. “Wow, Fu Ge, if you have the chance, ask her out to eat with us next time. This is the first time I have heard Young Master Wen getting rejected by a girl. I’m getting more and more curious about her.”

Then, he started talking about the sensitive subject of the examination results again.

“I remember she got admitted into Qing University. She even scored full marks in the independent enrollment examinations, right? When the results are announced at the start of the school year, people will definitely be shocked. I think the school will try to prevent the results from leaking out. Since the College Entrance Examination is not over yet, we cannot officially accept her as a student. What if other schools try to snatch her away?”

Qiao Chen’s mood worsened. Before Zhou Yang finished speaking, she stood up. Her face was pale and her voice was trembling as she said, “Sorry, I have to go to the washroom.”

Everyone was startled. But Zhou Yang didn’t find that weird and assumed she only wanted to touch up her makeup. He even kindly reminded her. “The washroom is on your left after exiting the room.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Zhou Yang’s attention turned back towards Wen Ziyu. He put down his chopsticks, leaned forward, and asked him about Qiao Nian with great interest.

Qiao Chen could no longer bear to hear him and quickly left the private room.

If she didn’t leave the room to calm down, she was afraid she would lose her composure.

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