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Chapter 453: Still in a Dream

“Is that true?” Qiao Chen’s worried eyes flickered. She didn’t think that Wen Ziyu would speak so casually. Her hands unconsciously clenched even harder. Obviously not believing him but still trying hard to convince herself that it was true, she reluctantly said, “Brother Fu, you don’t need to comfort me. It’s fine even if she really scored 650. I never expected her to fail. I’ll be happy for her if she made it into Qing University.”

Fu Ge had always known that she was sensible and generous. It was also because of this he was more worried for her. His eyes grew softer and he put his hand on her shoulder. He spoke even more gently. “How can you still think of her even though she treated you so badly previously?”

Qiao Chen acted cute and said, “It’s all in the past. I don’t want to bring it up.”

Fu Ge agreed. “Don’t think about it. I personally feel that the chances of that girl being Qiao Nian are low. She may share the same name. Qiao Nian’s grades have never been good. There’s no reason for her to suddenly perform so well in this examination. Besides, this is the first time Qing University has had a student scoring full marks in the independent enrollment examination. We don’t even know if this is true! You made it smoothly into the Music Department this time. My teacher even recruited you to minor in finance. Among the freshmen, you’ll already be considered one of the top students. As long as you continue to perform well in university, you will definitely prosper in Beijing in the future.”

Qiao Chen’s dream was to enter the real upper circle of Beijing.

She had to stand her ground in Qing University and show her value to Shen Jingyan. Only then would Shen Jingyan spare no effort to bring her into the upper circles.

Her successful enrollment into Qing University was only the first step towards achieving her goal. A little relieved, her hands finally unclenched. Ambition and desire could be seen in her eyes.

She nodded at Fu Ge and said, “I understand.”

At this moment, Zhou Yang saw the two of them whispering to each other. He tapped the chopsticks on the dishes and joked. “Hey, can the lovers over there be a little more considerate? There are three single guys here. Before you start to show your love for each other, could you please consider our feelings? I don’t want my food to start tasting bad.”

Qiao Chen’s ears turned red, and she lowered her head in shame. She looked as tender as a flower.

Zhou Yang clicked his tongue. He turned his head and complained to the boy sitting beside him. “Wen Ziyu, take a look at them! They aren’t being considerate of our feelings. It’s a blessing to have a girlfriend, after all. When will we get a girlfriend? I have yet to meet anyone I like!”

Wen Ziyu silently pulled the hand off his shoulder and leaned back in his chair. His body was relaxed and his beautiful face showed an unfathomable expression. He raised his eyebrows and said, “You’re only talking about yourself. Don’t put me in the same group as you.”

“What do you mean by that? You just broke up with your girlfriend not long ago. You’re also single now, like me. What is it? Have you found another girlfriend?”

Zhou Yang wasn’t angry that his hand got pulled away and cheerily gossiped. “Who is it this time? Who is it that moved our Young Master Wen’s heart?”

Wen Ziyu’s previous girlfriend was the campus belle of the Beijing Dance Academy. Although she was only in her second year, she had already successfully entered the entertainment industry. She was a lot more charming than Qiao Chen, who came from a small place like Rao City.

Even a beauty at that level failed to tie down his heart. After dating for two years, Wen Ziyu broke up with her.

He could remember the day when the girl was crying beside the huge van, grabbing Wen Ziyu’s hand and begging him to not break up with her.

Even if he wasn’t directly involved, he still felt sorry for the girl.

Wen Ziyu’s heart was as hard as stone when he broke up with her.

It had only been three months. Could Wen Ziyu have found someone else he liked?

Zhou Yang was wondering what kind of beautiful girl it had to be to move his heart again after he broke up with the Beijing Dance Academy’s campus belle.

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