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Chapter 455: She Couldn’t Be Here Too, Right?

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Qiao Chen left the private room but didn’t go to the washroom. She was in a bad mood. She walked aimlessly along the corridors of the Imperial Mansion, trying to calm down.

At this time, her cell phone rang. She looked down at her notifications and saw a message from Shen Jingyan, asking her about her results in the examination.

She looked at the message but didn’t reply right away.

She only broke out of her trance when Shen Jingyan sent her another message. She vaguely mentioned the status of her interview, including the rejection from Master Nie and the invitation from Cheng Wu to minor in finance.

Not long after, Shen Jingyan called her.

Qiao Chen was reliant on her uncle in Beijing.. She didn’t dare to ignore his call. When she saw who was calling her, she quickly looked for a quiet corner to pick up the call.

“Hello, Uncle.”

There was nervousness in her voice. She knew that Shen Jingyan was busy and couldn’t personally go to Qing University to ask for her results. But she was afraid that he would call the school on a whim and accidentally find out about Qiao Nian’s grades as well.

Qiao Chen didn’t dare to think about it. She could only place her hopes on a miracle. She could only believe in Fu Ge’s words that Wen Ziyu made a mistake and read the wrong name, mixing up two different people with the same name.

But she wasn’t sure if that was the case. She bit her lip and her eyes flickered uneasily. Before Shen Jingyan could speak, she asked a question. “Uncle, I have heard that Qiao Nian’s plane will depart tomorrow for Rao City. Is that true?”

“Why are you suddenly asking about this? Did you run into her?” There was a lot of background noise coming from the phone. It seemed like a lot of people were around Shen Jingyan.

Qiao Chen had something on her mind and didn’t pay attention to the voices in the background.

Afraid that Shen Jingyan would suspect something, she bit her lip and immediately denied it. “No, it’s nothing. I just suddenly thought about this matter.”

Shen Jingyan had seen her message. He already knew she had successfully passed the examination. Thus, he decided to answer her question casually. “She sent me a message saying that many people did not pass and she was eager to go back to school. Since the College Entrance Examination is just around the corner, this is to be expected. If she fails the College Entrance Examination on top of failing this examination, her future will look bleak.”

The Jiang Family still had Jiang Xianrou. Qiao Nian was merely a child they had just found not long ago.

Her grades were nothing to be proud of.

After saying this, Shen Jingyan started to speak more gently and slowly. “You have done well for the examination this time. Professor Cheng even asked you to minor in finance so you can study under him. He has a wide range of contacts. As long as he favors you, you will definitely succeed in the future.”

This was already understood by Qiao Chen, he didn’t need to say it. She put the cell phone beside her ear and agreed with him.

Shen Jingyan continued, “As for the matter with Master Nie, don’t worry too much. Even if you don’t succeed this time, there will be more chances next time.”

Fu Ge said the same thing. Qiao Chen looked down sensibly. She said, “Uncle, I’m not discouraged because Master Nie rejected me. As long as I have a chance, I’ll try to let Master Nie listen to my music again.”

Shen Jingyan appreciated her stubbornness. Even if her qualifications didn’t look as good as Qiao Nian’s, he still picked her.

Then, he added a few more words of comfort, praising her good work in the examinations this time and promising to get her presents next time.

Qiao Chen listened to him obediently and agreed from time to time.

Shen Jingyan seemed to be very busy. Although he took the initiative to call her, he hung up only after saying a few words.

Qiao Chen ended the call, took a deep breath, and prepared to return to the private room. As soon as she retracted her gaze, she suddenly saw a familiar figure out of the corner of her eye.

“Liang Bowen?” She was surprised. She was stunned and couldn’t move.

Why was Liang Bowen here?

A strange thought started to sprout at the back of her mind. Was it possible that Qiao Nian was here, too?


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