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Chapter 451: A Pleasure Seeing People Getting Embarrassed

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Qiao Nian restrained herself and explained helplessly to him, “I also just found out my score yesterday.”

She didn’t know that Liang Bowen would come to Beijing. If she knew, she would have told him her score first.

Qiao Nian wasn’t too worried. He was already here, and she couldn’t have stopped him anyway. Since he came to Beijing, he should take it as a trip and relax. She then asked him, “Did you buy a return ticket?”

Liang Bowen was still shocked. He felt dizzy and as though he was floating among the clouds, the situation felt unreal. When he heard Qiao Nian’s question, he still had not calmed down. “No, I haven’t bought the return ticket yet. I initially wanted to see how you were feeling first.”

Qiao Nian stood up lazily. She looked down and started to think. She pursed her lips and said, “I will be going back tomorrow. You should return with me. I will buy the return ticket for you.”

“Okay. In that case, I will go back with you.”

Liang Bowen was still lost in his thoughts. The main reason was that the results were too different from what he had expected. It was as though he stepped on the clouds when he was on the side of the cliff. He felt dizzy.

Before he came, he was afraid that Qiao Nian would be too upset. In that case, he would have to ask the school for two more days off to console her.

But now…

Liang Bowen couldn’t decide whether to feel happy or dumbfounded. He had come all the way here by plane. But in the end, he wasn’t needed. He felt so lonely!


He took a deep breath to clear his thoughts and recovered from his shock a little. Looking at Qiao Nian, he felt that he would rather be happy for her.

A few days ago, First High School announced that Qiao Chen would probably be admitted to Qing University. The students from Class B were all excited and started to dance. They said that the school shouldn’t let Qiao Chen transfer out. If she stayed in the First High School, they would have a top student admitted to Qing University this year.


As the rumor spread, it started to change as well. It had now become a rumor that Qiao Nian had bullied Qiao Chen into changing schools to snatch the position of the campus belle.

They also spread these rumors on the forum. Students from grades one and two even started to leave comments, even though they didn’t know the full story.

Someone had posted Qiao Chen’s score on the message board yesterday. She scored 588 points, more than enough to qualify for Qing University. The discussion on the forum became more and more intense. Some people even suggested the headmaster invite Qiao Chen back to First High School.

They were outraged and indignant, but with Sister Nian’s ‘poor grades’, they couldn’t refute the claims.

Thinking back on those comments, Liang Bowen could only imagine their embarrassment after they saw Sister Nian’s score!

There was only one way to describe this feeling: refreshing!

When he thought of this, he couldn’t wait to send a message to Shen Qingqing, who was still waiting for his news. At this moment, the man who had walked aside to pick up his call came back. He was holding his cell phone as he looked at them deeply. He said, “My sister-in-law has arrived. We should head there soon.”

Qiao Nian nodded. She then turned around and spoke to Liang Bowen. “You should come to have lunch with us. They’re all people you have met before. You should also know them.”

Ye Lan was also present when she held her birthday party at the Waterside Loft before. Liang Bowen and Ye Lan even sat at the same table, but Liang Bowen didn’t know who she was or what she did at that time. He just regarded her as an elder.

Liang Bowen was in good spirits and didn’t think too much about her suggestion. In addition, when Qiao Nian said that it was someone he knew, he was even more relaxed. He was still thinking about telling Shen Qingqing about Qiao Nian’s grades. He just nodded and readily agreed. “Okay, I will join you for lunch. What about my luggage?”

Qiao Nian only remembered that he needed to go to a hotel now. She raised her eyebrows and asked him, “Have you booked a hotel yet?”

Liang Bowen shook his head in confusion. He touched the tip of his nose, feeling a little embarrassed, and said, “No, I didn’t know where you’re staying, so I haven’t booked a room yet.”

Qiao Nian took out her cell phone, lowered her head, and opened the hotel booking application. She said, “Then, let me book a room for you.”

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