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Chapter 425: Since She Did Not Pass the Examination, She Would Be Leaving the Day After Tomorrow?

When Wei Ling brought this up, she also thought of Qiao Nian. She raised her head carefully and said, “Sister, Qiao Nian also sat for the examination. But I don’t know how many points she got.”

After all, the independent enrollment examinations for universities were different from the College Entrance Examination. The independent enrollment examinations wouldn’t publish everyone’s results publicly. Each student could only look up their own marks using their admission card number and wouldn’t be able to view someone else’s score.

Since they didn’t know Qiao Nian’s admission number, they were naturally unable to check her score.

Qiao Chen didn’t mention Qiao Nian at this moment out of goodwill. It was only because she didn’t believe that Qiao Nian would pass the examination!

When she came to Beijing, Shen Jingyan had hired a professional teacher to give her tuition. Meanwhile, Qiao Nian stayed in the small Rao City, hanging out with her classmates in Class A all day. How could she achieve anything like that?

Qiao Chen said with regret, “I don’t know if she received a message from the school or not.”

“Whether she received the message or not has nothing to do with you. You just have to be concerned with yourself!” Wei Ling had been thinking things over the past few days. She glanced at her and said carelessly, “Were you not going to have lunch with Fu Ge and his roommates later in the afternoon? There’s someone with the surname ‘Wen’ among his roommates. Please pay attention to him. If you have the chance, foster a good relationship with him. It will be helpful for your future.”

Qiao Chen remembered him. Fu Ge had a total of three roommates. Two of them were friendly and kind and often praised her. Only the one called Wen Ziyu ignored her. He was distracted throughout the whole lunch. She didn’t know what was on his mind. She had noticed that even though Fu Ge talked to him a few times, he was still absent-minded and distracted.

It turned out that he wasn’t an ordinary person!

Qiao Chen thought silently.

Since Wei Ling specifically brought him up, he was definitely not an ordinary person within the circle. He was someone worthy of attention.

She had yet to make it into the upper circle of Beijing. She would need to treasure every opportunity when meeting such people.

“I understand.”

Qiao Chen thought about it, smiled, and said, “Fu Ge will be bringing his roommates along to cheer me on tomorrow. Wen Ziyu will most likely also be there. I will try my best to foster a good relationship with him and strive to be his friend.”

Wei Ling liked her ambition. Although she was a little shy and couldn’t do things well, at the very least, her ambition was something desirable.

“It’s good that you understand. Let’s go. We shouldn’t hang around outside for too long. Your uncle is eating with Professor Cheng inside. You’re the main guest and cannot keep him waiting.”

At that moment, her cell phone rang. Wei Ling stopped, took out her cell phone from her bag, and looked down.

It was a message from Shen Jingyan.

He was asking where they were and why they had yet to join them.

Wei Ling replied that they would be there immediately. She then received another message from him. It was a short message. Just one line.

[Nian Nian sent a message asking if we were free at noon the day after tomorrow. She’ll be boarding the plane that night and would like to invite us for dinner before she leaves.]

Disappointment flashed across Wei Ling’s eyes. She asked him what he thought.

Raising her head, she sighed and said to Qiao Chen, “Qiao Nian didn’t pass the examination. She’ll be returning to Rao City the day after tomorrow.”

“She didn’t pass?” Qiao Chen didn’t expect to hear such good news tonight and almost laughed. Pinching her palm, she forced herself to make a regretful expression and squeezed out a sentence. “That’s such a pity!”

Wei Ling was aware of the grudge between her and Qiao Nian didn’t take her hypocritical words to heart. She wasn’t surprised after seeing Shen Jingyan’s reply saying that he was busy that day.

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