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Chapter 420: Renowned Zhui Guang Is a Girl

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Wen Ruxia looked at the message in the chatbox in disbelief and took a long sigh. Her mood turned from rainy to sunny. She didn’t expect that she would experience such a turbulent change.

Afraid that the other party would regret it, she immediately typed a reply.


There was silence again after that.

The time passed by one minute and one second. She looked at her watch several times. After checking it for half an hour, she hesitated to ask if the other party was still online.

Suddenly, a video file to be received popped into her computer.

[Zhui Guang: I just sent it to you.]

She couldn’t help but feel her back tense up as she clicked to accept it.

The size of the video wasn’t big, and she was at the TV station, so the Internet speed was fast. She downloaded it successfully in less than a minute.

Looking at the extra audio file on her desktop, she couldn’t control her excitement and quickly clicked on it.

A young face appeared before her eyes.

The other party was wearing a black hoodie, and her hair was casually rolled up to reveal a clean and smooth face that looked too young!

“A girl?” She was seldom as surprised and at a loss for words as she was now.

The young face on the screen was beautiful enough to be displayed ostentatiously. Her eyebrows were exquisite and three-dimensional, and her jawline was smooth and clear. Her dark eyes were like ink, and the ends of her eyes were slightly raised. It could be seen from the background of her recording that she was at home, and a bed was exposed behind it, showing a soft toy.

Her hair was messy, her neck was straight and long, and her eyes were constricted. Her voice was slightly hoarse when she spoke, and her speech rate was very slow as she used her own voice to explain her understanding of traditional music.

It was obvious from both her appearance and her voice that she was a very young girl!

She was so young that it completely exceeded her expectations.

She thought that Zhui Guang was a male at least in his 30s.

But upon seeing the video call now, she realized with a shock that Zhui Guang was a girl, and looked no more than 18 years old. This…

If this video was released, the Internet would explode!

She was watching the video when her phone suddenly rang. She didn’t plan to answer, but she saw the caller ID out of the corner of her eye.

Wen Ruxia pressed the pause button, picked up the phone, and put it to her ear. “Hello, Master Nie.”

Qiao Nian took a video and posted it. Then, she didn’t look at the computer anymore and checked the time. It was half an hour before 9 o’clock.

Calculating the time difference, this time at the illegal zone should be around four o’clock in the afternoon.

She took her mobile phone, sat by the bed, boarded the Red Alliance account, and sent a message to Slim Waist Control.

[Sun: How is it? Any new developments?]

After the message was sent, no one responded for the time being.

Qiao Nian wasn’t in a hurry. After waiting for 10 minutes, no one responded to her message. Guessing that the other party was busy, she logged out of the account and planned to read it again after taking a nap.

At exactly this moment, the phone dinged, and she received a message from Nie Mi.

[Nie: I just asked Ruxia, and she said she has received the video you sent. I discussed it with her and asked her to make a mosaic for your video. Don’t worry, your face won’t appear. But even if your face is blurred, the audience can hear your voice clearly, and the outside world will still know that Zhui Guang is a girl. Are you… okay with it?]

[Nie: Tell me if you mind. If it doesn’t work, I’ll think of another solution.]

Qiao Nian had already thought about all the troubles after posting the video. She just didn’t expect Nie Mi to greet the TV station specifically for her.

She took the phone, casually looked at the message Nie Mi sent her, and then replied to it indifferently.

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