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Chapter 354: Slap in the Face

Tang Wanru didn’t know what was going on in their school, so she got out of the elevator with a hum, ready to go back first.

As Jiang Xianrou followed her, she saw a familiar figure out of the corner of her eye.

“Master Nie!”

They all thought that Nie Mi must have hurriedly left the place, who would have thought that they would meet him in the lobby on the first floor?

However, Nie Mi turned his back to them and walked directly to the left side of the corridor.

“Where is he going?” She was a little curious.

Tang Wanru had been here several times, and the expression on her face was even more strange. “It seems to be the restaurant over there. What is Master Nie going to do there? Eat?”

They had sincerely invited him to dinner, but he had not given them face.

After rejecting them, he was going straight to the restaurant.


Was slapping them in the face.

Inside Imperial Mansion.

Qiao Nian wiped her mouth, having almost finished her meal. She leaned against the chair to rest.

After sleeping for a while, she ate again. She didn’t feel fully awake at the moment. With drooping eyelids, she lazily put her hands on the table while playing with her mobile phone.

The dishes on the table were almost fully eaten. In a spread of light Suzhou cuisine, there was a dish of spicy chicken that seemed incompatible, and a flaming chili was printed on the plate, arousing the appetite.

Gu San contentedly put down his chopsticks, his mouth already spicy and swollen. He leaned on the chair with his stomach full and said in surprise, “I didn’t expect the chef to make spicy chicken. The taste is quite delicious. Master Wang, how did you know that we can order spicy chicken here?”

This dish was ordered by Ye Wangchuan. He had called the waiter and ordered a Sichuan dish in a low voice.

Ye Wangchuan didn’t touch the spicy chicken and wasn’t in a sorry state like Gu San. He elegantly wiped the corners of his lips with a napkin, his narrow eyes deep and unpredictable. “I used to come over with Bo Yu before. He often ordered it.”

“Oh, Young Master Bo.” Gu San obviously knew this person and showed a sudden look of realization. He said thoughtfully, “It’s not surprising if it’s Young Master Bo. He’s always studying culinary. Only he can think of making a Suzhou cuisine chef whip up Sichuan cuisine.”

Ye Wangchuan made no comments. He looked down and saw that Qiao Nian was still playing with her mobile phone. He poured her a cup of tea again. The tea leaves in the snow-white cup rose and fell, and the white smoke brought out the fragrance of tea. Imperial Mansion obviously used top-quality tea.

After pouring a cup of tea for Qiao Nian, he asked, “Where do you plan to go later? Go back and rest?”

Qiao Nian had just received a message from Nie Mi, saying that he had come over after the meeting. She raised her head, pursed her cold lips, and picked up her bag with unrestrained eyes. “I’m going to meet someone. I won’t go back with you.”

“Not coming with us?” Gu San subconsciously looked at the man opposite.

How could this be?

Master Wang had especially accompanied Miss Qiao back to take the exam, but they had to go their separate ways after getting off the plane.

“It’s your first time in Beijing, if you act alone, Master Wang and I will be worried…”

Qiao Nian didn’t understand what he was worried about and raised her eyebrows in a wicked way. “Isn’t Beijing’s security good?”

Gu San choked on his words and touched the tip of his nose. “It’s not that the law and order are not good, Beijing is very safe, but I’m just worried that you’ll be lost.”

Qiao Nian’s dark eyes were unrestrained and casual, and she didn’t take it seriously. “There are taxis everywhere outside. I don’t think I’ll get lost.”

Gu San was speechless.

He was left with no choice, and he couldn’t tell her the truth either. They had returned to Beijing just to accompany her for her exam and didn’t want to be separated from her.

If he said so, wouldn’t it be exposing Master Wang’s secret?

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