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Chapter 345: Not Mainstream

“Everyone in Beijing is also looking for him!”

“Since you want to study under him, you can only shamelessly prevent other people from finding out his whereabouts. It’s only because your grandfather found out that he was holding an academic seminar here. If it was any other person, no matter how hard they searched for him, they wouldn’t even find a trace of his whereabouts.”

She looked very kind and spoke well, but pride and strength could be seen in her eyes.

Jiang Xianrou was lost in thought and seemed to be thinking about what she had said.

Tang Wanru straightened her clothes and said to her slowly, “I heard that the Shen Family is looking for him, too. The niece the Shen Family picked up also wants to take the college entrance examination for Qing University. She studies the piano. Wei Ling interfered using her connections and wanted to introduce her to Master Nie and get her to apprentice under him.”

Jiang Xianrou snorted and smiled, taking her words with a pinch of salt. With an expression of disdain, she said, “Where did the Shen Family pick up this random girl? Their thinking must have been too idealistic! They didn’t even stop to consider if the person they’re recommending is qualified to study under Master Nie.”

Tang Wanru pulled on her shawl in disapproval with a nonchalant gaze. “When Master Nie returned, everyone wanted to send their children to study under him. You should know very well how influential he is within the music industry. His students are well-known, even outside the music world. The students he coached before are now a force to be reckoned with. Be it for the fame or the benefits, many people are vying for the opportunity to study under him.

“If you really want to study under him, you have to be a little shameless, or else you will lose this chance to the Shen Family’s niece. You never know if she will step over your head in the future. You have to seize this opportunity to get ahead!”

This time, her words resonated with Jiang Xianrou’s heart. She wholeheartedly wanted to make a name for herself within the circle of celebrities in Beijing. With such an opportunity in front of her, how could she stand to give it up?

Hearing her speech, she put down her pride. She held onto her mom’s arm and said softly, “I was just casually speaking. I didn’t say I wouldn’t go. Mom, don’t worry. I’ll perform well later.”

“Okay. It’s good that you understand.” After all, she was her daughter. Tang Wanru was still patient towards her. She patted her on the back of her hand and carefully spoke. “When you meet Master Nie later, behave yourself. Have you practiced the piece I prepared for you?”

Jiang Xianrou smiled, waved her cell phone, and said, “Don’t worry, I have already recorded myself playing that piece on my cell phone. When I meet Master Nie later, I will find a chance to play it for him! This music was the one that won me the prize in the piano association, even my teacher said that I played it well. Master Nie will definitely be pleased when he hears it.”

Tang Wanru was relieved. Her daughter was very accomplished in the piano industry. With a tone of regret, she said, “In fact, Master Nie’s specialty is not the piano. He can play the piano, violin, and even the saxophone, but his specialty is the konghou. He was the inheritor of the konghou, and I heard he was looking for someone to inherit his skills. But I didn’t hear any more news after that. I wonder if he has already found someone to inherit his skills?”

“There aren’t many people in China who can play the konghou. I don’t think it would be so easy to find someone to inherit his skills, right?” Jiang Xianrou was unsure. As she talked, a name came into her mind.

Zhui Guang!

If anyone played the konghou well, Zhui Guang would definitely be considered one of them.

But he was a musician who played in the underground rock and roll music scene, while the other was a master of the konghou who was sought after by everyone. No matter how you looked at it, they didn’t seem compatible.

There was no way Zhui Guang knew Master Nie.

She didn’t know where he learned how to play the konghou. He even came up with a unique style of playing classical and rock music together.

How could she describe it?

Uniqueness within the unique.

In short, definitely not mainstream!

Zhui Guang’s music was too wild and untamed. There was no way he could step into the world of perfect and refined music.

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