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Chapter 338: Couldn’t Wait Any Longer to See That Scene

As long as Qiao Chen could be admitted to Qing University, the Qiao Family would have the opportunity to overcome their current situation in the future.

Shen Qiongzhi looked at him angrily with a worried expression. Her eyes widened and she said, “I know! I wouldn’t think of interrupting her studies even if you didn’t tell me. We could just send her some tuition materials, her admission ticket, and maybe stay for a couple of days before leaving.”

“Okay.” If it weren’t for sending Qiao Chen her admission ticket, Qiao Weimin wouldn’t even think of going to Beijing, let alone visit the Shen Family.

“In short, whether or not Chen Chen can make it to Qing University this time, all depends on this opportunity. I hope she’ll be admitted! Ah, I’m useless as a father. In the past, our family could at least help her out a little. Now, we can only hope to not drag her down.”

Initially, Shen Qiongzhi married him only because she really liked him. She accompanied him from the start, standing by him as he slowly built up his business, from a small company to a listed company. It’d be a lie if she said there were no feelings at all.

And it was also because she had feelings for him, that she felt bad when she saw him lost and dispirited. Just when she was about to take his arm and comfort him, out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of the person resting on a bench not far away.

“Qiao Nian?” She couldn’t help but cry out loud.

How unfortunate was she to run into her everywhere she went!

Qiao Nian was far away from them. There were many people in the airport, and it was filled with the noisy conversations of everyone around them. Announcements were occasionally made over the radio as well. It wouldn’t be possible for Qiao Nian to hear Shen Qiongzhi call her name at all.

But Qiao Weimin was standing next to Shen Qiongzhi. When she shouted Qiao Nian’s name, he followed her gaze and saw Qiao Nian.

It had been about half a month since he last saw her.

She hadn’t changed much.

No matter whether she was standing or sitting, she did not have a proper posture. She looked lazy and was dressed simply, either in a hoodie or a T-shirt. But after what had happened before, he could no longer see his adopted daughter as he did before.

So, when Shen Qiongzhi asked why she was here with an undisguised tone of disgust, Qiao Weimin’s mood was a little complicated. He looked at the person who was dressed so sloppily yet still stood out, gently grabbed Shen Qiongzhi’s arm, and said, “She’s going to Beijing for the examination.”


Shen Qiongzhi was stunned for a moment but eventually reacted.

“That’s right. You said before that she would also be participating in the independent enrollment examination for Qing University.

“How could she be so shameless to think of going for Qing University with grades as bad as hers? She couldn’t possibly be thinking that she stands a chance of being accepted, right?”

After hearing what she said, Qiao Weimin had no idea how to explain the situation to her.

How was he supposed to explain?

Could he say that Qiao Nian was scouted by Qing University and was almost accepted via a sponsorship?

Or could he say that he believed that Qiao Nian could make it through the examinations and be accepted into Qing University?

Shen Qiongzhi didn’t know what he was thinking of. In any case, she had always hated her adopted daughter. She coldly said, “It’d be okay even if she sat for the examinations. Chen Chen told me that she has made great improvements in her arts and culture class this month. Now, she can score 580 points. Since her placing within the top 30 in the arts and culture class is secured, as long as she puts in a little more effort in her professional classes, Chen Chen told me that she’s 80% sure she can get into Qing University!

“Isn’t Qiao Nian’s father a professor there? If she doesn’t make it into Qing University, it’ll be a disgrace to her family!”

One person passed the examination while the other failed.

It’d be really embarrassing for the one who failed the examination.

Shen Qiongzhi couldn’t wait to see Qiao Nian fail the examination and embarrass herself.

Then, she lowered her voice and said to him, “Chen Chen told me privately that Fu Ge helped introduce her to his mentor in Qing University. I think Chen Chen will most likely make it into Qing University this time.”

Qiao Weimin couldn’t understand what she was thinking in her mind. He quickly glared at her and told her to keep her voice down. “Don’t talk nonsense when you get to Beijing!”

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