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Chapter 337: Enemies Crossing Paths

She looked beautiful and had long legs. She was getting glances and attention just by sitting there.

Too bad Qiao Nian’s cap was pushed too low. Her eyes were covered by her cap as she looked downwards and she did not see anyone’s gaze.

But even if she knew and saw, she probably wouldn’t be bothered.

At the other end of the airport, Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi had come too.

Ever since the Qiao Corporation went bankrupt, the two of them had learned to become more frugal. The good thing was that following the bankruptcy, the other authorities in Cheng Feng Corporation did not go after them mercilessly. Besides freezing their car and house, they did not do anything to the family’s assets. Hence, they could still live their lives with their luxuries from the past. It was just less comfortable than before.

But no matter how down-and-out they were, they were meeting people from Beijing today. Shen Qiongzhi did all she could to wear her best outfit. She had on a purple fur coat and an expensive pearl necklace around her neck. She didn’t look like someone who had declared bankruptcy at all, given how glamorous she looked.

But her uneasy eyes gave her face a paleness that the flamboyant dressing could not cover.

Shen Qiongzhi and the rest had been waiting at the airport for almost an hour now. After looking at her watch a few times, she said, “Where are they? The plane is taking off soon.”

“Isn’t there another half an hour to go?” Qiao Weimin was calmer and tried to comfort her. “Don’t be too anxious. Since your brother said that someone will pick us up, someone is definitely coming. There’s no use getting so anxious. If we really can’t make it for this flight, we can go for another.”

Even with makeup on, Shen Qiongzhi still could not mask the haggard look and sunken cheeks. Without the charisma of a wealthy and elegant lady of the past, she now looked tired and inferior. Even her words reeked of bitterness. “I just want to meet Chen Chen sooner.”

“… Ever since Chen Chen went to Beijing, she only called us thrice in the past month. I haven’t seen her in almost a month, of course I miss her. Don’t you?”

Qiao Weimin furrowed his brows and glared at her, saying grumpily, “She’s also my daughter. How could I not miss her?”

But Qiao Chen only called them thrice in the past month, and each time she did, she only spoke for a few minutes before hanging up in a hurry.

So what if he thought about her?

In fact, ever since Chen Chen went to Beijing, he felt that her feelings towards them had faded. There were hints of annoyance in her voice whenever she spoke to them. She might have thought that she’d concealed it well, but he sensed it in her voice each time.

Qiao Weimin had been in business for decades, how could he not sense the changes in his daughter’s attitude?

Beijing was a good place!

The people and environment were superior.

Talents were abundant.

Compared to that place, Rao City was almost pathetic. Having seen a better and brighter place, it was only natural that she did not care for her small hometown anymore.

But as a father, sensing that his daughter was not feeling as strongly towards him anymore, he felt hurt. Disdain and unhappiness could be seen in his gaze, and he felt as if a needle was pricking his heart. It felt terrible…

“Chen Chen is busy with her studies and her examinations are coming up, she’ll only get busier. When we go over, try to control yourself. Don’t get too agitated and talk to her non-stop. About her grandma’s condition… keep it from her too. She’s only 18, there’s no point in telling her all that. You might as well let her prepare for the examinations in peace. If she manages to be admitted into Qing University with her grades… we’ll have a chance to get back on our feet!”

No student who graduated from Qing University was any bad!

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