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Chapter 316: Giving Her Materials for the Examination

After setting a precedent, even teachers of other subjects, no matter whether they were teaching Class A or not, all came to join in the fun. Every one of them started to hand exercise books to Qiao Nian for her to revise.

Qiao Nian had come to ask for study leave, but in the blink of an eye, she had a stack of revision books and papers in her arms. She felt a slight ache in her temples as she looked down at all the “useless revision materials” in her arms. She collected her thoughts, narrowed her eyes, and collected all the things that they had given her. Finally, she said, “I will try my best.”

She had seen the cultural questions in the independent enrollment examination of Qing University before. They were not very difficult. She could take the examination anytime and still pass. As for how many points she planned to score, it was up to her mood!

Qiao Nian was more worried about whether the Department of Chinese Medicine would be participating in the independent entrance examination this time.

Because last year, during the independent enrollment for Qing University, all other majors in the Medical Faculty participated, except for the Department of Chinese Medicine. Since the Department of Chinese Medicine did not participate, naturally no one was accepted into the department. She didn’t want to take the exam in vain.

She wondered if the Department of Chinese Medicine would be participating this year.

She was lost in her thoughts. However, in Shen Hui’s eyes, it seemed as though she was feeling too stressed.

Shen Hui glared at the Form Teacher of Class C and patted her on the shoulder. “It’s okay, just try your best for the exam, do not put too much pressure on yourself. You’re still young and have plenty of opportunities. Even if you don’t make it into Qing University, Nanjing University is also comparable to it. With your talent, as long as you are willing to work harder for the few months before the College Entrance Examination, it is more than enough to qualify for Nanjing University!”

After being glared at, the Form Teacher of Class C touched his nose and said embarrassedly, “We-we were just joking with you. Don’t take it to heart.” Only one student from First High School got admitted into Qing University three years ago, and that was Fu Ge.

In the past two years, no one was admitted into Qing University. This also showed how hard it was to get into Qing University. “You should think of it as though you are testing the waters, and take this chance to relax a little. When you come back later, let Teacher Shen give you extra tuition. You can go to a famous university this way as well!”

Shen Hui was afraid that Qiao Nian would get even more pressured if he continued talking. She took the opportunity as he paused and said to Qiao Nian, “Okay, since you have already asked for leave, have a good rest at home tomorrow. I will wait for your good news.”

“Okay.” Qiao Nian wasn’t good at dealing with the teachers. After replying to Shen Hui, she walked out of the teacher’s office with a stack of “review materials”.

As she left, the Form Teacher of Class C came forward. After listening to the gossip, he asked, “Teacher Shen, do you think Qiao Nian will be admitted into Qing University this time?”

He personally felt that the chances were slim!

He had also asked the other teachers in private. They had all agreed with him. Qiao Nian should not have recklessly refused the invitation from the expert of Qing University.

Look at the situation now. By refusing the coveted recommendation, she’d have to participate in the independent enrollment.

The independent examination was much more difficult than the College Entrance Examination. After the written examination, there was also an interview. The scores from both segments would be combined, and only the top 10 applicants would be accepted. Only 10 out of a total of 3000 applicants would be chosen, making the probability of 1 in 300. Although it seemed like the proportion of students who were accepted was much higher than that of the College Entrance Examination, the problem was that the ones participating were the top students from their respective schools. It was as if she was trying to win the lottery!

Shen Hui pushed the swivel chair back into its position and opened the teaching materials she was going to use tomorrow. She picked up a pen and said without raising her head, “What’s so impossible? Since Qing University specially came to recruit her, it shows that she’s already one of the best. I’m sure she will make it.”

When she said that, the Form Teacher of Class C went back to his seat and sighed. “It’s a pity that she rejected their offer. I wonder, is clinical medicine really that bad? Which student who graduated from the Clinical Department of Qing University did not end up being highly sought after by hospitals?”

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