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Chapter 317: There Were Many Things to Do Before Going to Beijing

“I heard from the Dean that it was Liang Lu, Professor Liang, who came to recruit her that day. I’m sure you have heard that Liang Lu and Mr. Huang are the two most famous within the Medical Faculty. Mr. Huang has already stopped accepting students, and Liang Lu is very likely to become the youngest academician in the Qing University’s history! If Qiao Nian becomes one of their students, she will have a bright future ahead. She just had to refuse and offend everyone.”

What was so good about Chinese Medicine? Could someone earn a lot from it?

When people went to the doctor, who wouldn’t go to a reputable hospital to consult an expert?

Besides the elderly at home, who would even choose to go to a Chinese Medicine clinic?

He really couldn’t understand Qiao Nian’s choice.

However, he had been teaching for several decades and had encountered all types of students before. Some of them were too young and had passions, which caused them to be inflexible. He also thought of Qiao Nian as that kind of student.

Some of the teachers said sadly, “I don’t know if Professor Liang will take part in the interview this time. Qiao Nian will still have to go through the interview even if she passes the written examination smoothly. It’d be bad if Professor Liang interviews her.”

In the middle of the teachers’ discussion, Shen Hui put down her pen, pushed up her glasses, and said solemnly, “It’d be fine even if she meets Professor Liang. If a teacher cannot treat every student fairly, would this not reflect poorly on his own character!”

“Teacher Shen, please lower your voice.” The Form Teacher of Class C was startled by her words and hurriedly waved his hand to stop her from speaking. He glanced at the other teachers in the office to see if they heard what she said and then said in a low voice, “That’s the leading expert in China. It’s as easy as squashing ants for him to crush us. Please be careful.”

Shen Hui pursed her lips tightly with a straight face and a solemn expression. Unafraid, she said, “I’m only speaking the truth.”

He knew that, but did she really need to say it out loud! Even if she kept it to herself, it was fine as long as everyone was aware of it!

Shen Hui took a deep breath and spat. “If Qiao Nian passes the written test but not the interview, I will persuade her to take the entrance examination for Nanjing University instead when she comes back. She has a good foundation and can make up for it. Nanjing University is not any worse than Qing University!”

Qiao Nian didn’t know that Shen Hui was arguing with the other teachers for her sake after she left.

She came back to the classroom with a large pile of books.

As school was almost over for the day, there were not many people left in the classroom.

However, Shen Qingqing and her friends were still here.

Seeing her return from the teacher’s office, Liang Bowen ran forward quickly and took the initiative to help her carry some books. He then accompanied her back to her seat.

“Sister Nian, what’s with these? Are these all the review materials from Teacher Shen?”


On top of what Shen Hui had given her, there were other free materials from the other teachers of various subjects.

There was a total of seven or eight books.

Seeing the pile of books on the table, Shen Qingqing can’t help but sigh. “Why are there so many books?”

“Sister Nian, do you want to take all these back?”

After carrying so many books all the way to the classroom, Qiao Nian’s arms were sore.

She took out her schoolbag and put in all the books that Shen Hui had given her. With a look of determination, she said, “Well, the teachers gave them to me. Anyways, there’s space in my room for all of them. I will take them back first and then decide what to do with them.”

As for whether she would read them or not, Qiao Nian felt that she would probably not do so. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to accept Shen Hui’s kindness. It was just that reading these books was the same as reading some elementary school students’ answers. They were useless and just a waste of time to her.

She still had a lot of things she needed to do before she left for Beijing. Besides some decisions at Cheng Feng Corporation that Aunt Yuan had asked her to take a look at, Wei Lou was also urging her for more of the small pills, claiming that they were needed for someone’s illness.

All the pills made previously were given to the little guy. Wei Lou was in a hurry, and she needed to make a few more urgently. The problem was that some of the raw materials were missing. She wondered if Jian Jin was in China.

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