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Chapter 303: Your Husband and Son

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Even when he shopped for clothes, he’d be asked if he was interested in being a model.

With this sort of looks and physique, and the disposition that the Ye family had nurtured, this man now lowered his head and moved so gently just to put on a hairpin for a girl…

Meanwhile, the girl standing before him was also outstandingly beautiful. Her cool aura was not overshadowed by his presence.

This good-looking man and woman looked like they were starring in a romantic movie!

It was the perfect love scene!

The shopkeeper standing by the side discreetly snapped two pictures of them,

At this point, Ye Wangchuan finally fastened the hairpin to her hair and took a step back gentlemanly.


His pupils were dark and deep, reflecting the image of the girl standing before him. His thin lips curled up as he complimented her. “You look really good.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

Alright, she looked good, but did he have to smile at her?

She inhaled deeply to suppress the warmth surging inside her.

That was when the shopkeeper said enviously, “That’s right, Madam, your husband is right. This dress is extremely suitable for you. This is the first time I see it so fitting on anyone, it’s as if this was tailor-made for you! Coupled with the hairpin from your son, you look amazing! Even more beautiful than a celebrity!”

It sounded so natural when she called them her husband and son.

But it was not her fault for mistaking their relationships.

It wasn’t that Qiao Nian looked old.

It was that people nowadays were too good at maintaining their looks. Moreover, luxury goods customers like her were usually extremely wealthy. They had nothing to stress them out and had the means to spend money on nourishing their beauty. As such, most of them looked younger than their actual age.

She did not think that Qiao Nian was old, actually. But seeing how the man and the boy acted around her, what relationship could they have if they were not a family!

As for the kid calling her Sister…

This was not weird at all.

A lot of young mothers did not want others to know that they already had children. Hence, they would get their children to address them as “Sister”. It was endearing, too.


The more she looked at this family of three, the more she felt that they were extremely good-looking. She couldn’t help but ask, “Well, Madam, if it’s alright, could I snap a picture of you?”

Qiao Nian’s husband and son looked at her. She was in a daze, and the vein in her temple was about to pop.

And still, the shopkeeper did not realize that she had gotten it wrong. She smiled and explained, “The point is that this is the first time I’ve seen any customer pull off our outfit so well. Also, your husband and son look so good, so I thought I could show it to my colleagues…”

She needed evidence so her colleagues wouldn’t think she was just showing off!

Qiao Nian furrowed her brows slightly and was about to decline.

That was when she heard two voices sounding at once.

“Go ahead.”


Ye Wangchuan raised a brow as he turned to the child who responded at the same time as he.

Ye Qichen looked at him immediately, too.

Both of them could see the motive in each other’s eyes.


But they turned away quickly, pretending not to notice it.

Only Gu San’s facial muscles twitched as he witnessed this scene. His bodily instincts were true to his wishes—he took his cell phone out and got ready.

Since Miss Qiao and Master Wang were going to take a “family portrait”…

He surely had to keep a copy of it on his cell phone. He could show Old Master Ye when they returned!

Qiao Nian was caught in the middle of the two of them as they shot their “family portrait”. After that, the shopkeeper even sent her the picture she had taken.


Ye Wangchuan took Ye Qichen along to make the purchase at the cashier.

She looked at the strange but also oddly harmonious picture on her cell phone. After a few seconds of looking, she shifted her finger away from the delete button and saved the picture.

Just as she did it, her cell phone screen lit up—

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