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Chapter 302: The Perfect Height to Hear His Heartbeat

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When Ye Qichen was a bit older, he understood that his leg was crippled. That made him feel even more inferior and unwilling to interact with others.

Ye Wangchuan really did not expect him to give the hairpin which represented his mother to Qiao Nian.

Old Master was probably having the shock of his life.


He glanced at the girl without the intention to stop Ye Qichen from giving it to her.

Because Qiao Nian was worth it!

If not for her, Chen Chen would probably still be in the same state as before, feeling inferior and acting out constantly. He appeared to be a little demon who threw a lot of tantrums, but deep down, he was more sensitive and upset than anyone else.

Qiao Nian was like the silver lining in the dark, a beacon of hope and light. If anything, he knew that she had lit up this boy’s life.

He was much more cheerful than before.

And much more confident as well.

Moreover, Qiao Nian even cured his leg!

Qiao Nian didn’t know about the origin of this hairpin. Seeing that he was handing something to her, she bent over and picked it up to see it.

It was a hairpin.

And it was a sweet lady’s style.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too big and eye-catching.

Ye Qichen had been wanting to give this to her but had not found the time. Now that she was looking at the gift, he looked up at her and asked nervously, “Sister, do you like it?”

This was his most precious belonging so far.


He wanted to give the best to Qiao Nian.

But he understood that the hairpin was just like him—not everyone would like it.


He wrung his hands together and his eyelashes fluttered like little fans, forming shadows beneath his eyes. His bright eyes were filled with anticipation.

“I-I think Sister will look very good with it on…”

Qiao Nian looked at how nervous he was with his little hands and felt helpless about it. Her slightly hoarse voice sounded. “You want me to put this on?”

To be honest, she was already very uncomfortable wearing such a feminine dress. If she put on this hairpin as well… Qiao Nian simply could not imagine herself in that.


Seeing how the little one nodded his head so certainly.

She made her decision, turned to the mirror, and clipped it on her hair.

Qiao Nian had never permed or colored her hair before. Her long black hair was always casually put up in a bun or held in place with a cap.

Now that she had her hair down, she had no idea how to put the hairpin on.

This was even more troublesome than inventing a new drug!

The teeth of the hairpin weren’t held in place in her hair no matter how she tried to fasten it. Just as she was getting a headache from this confusion, a hand reached out towards her and a man’s voice could be heard from above her head. “Let me do it.”

His warm fingertips touched her hand.

Qiao Nian retracted her hand when she felt that sudden warm touch.

Her whole body froze on the spot.

Because of her allergic reactions in the past, she hardly stood this close to someone of the opposite gender. Even with Wei Lou and the rest, she usually maintained two or three feet of distance.

But now, Ye Wangchuan was standing so close to her that she could feel his breath above her head.

What’s more, he was too tall.

Qiao Nian knew that she wasn’t short compared to other girls. But when she stood in front of him, she was only at his chest level. This meant that even though she wasn’t trying to get close to him, she was at a perfect height to hear his heartbeat.

Thump, thump.

She had no idea if it was Ye Wangchuan’s heartbeat or her own.

She felt that helping her put on the hairpin was actually a very simple act.

But in the eyes of everyone else, this was a scene to behold!

A tall and handsome man looking down at her, his usually cold eyes full of gentleness.

He was already an outstanding figure in the first place.

In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for people to go up to him on the streets and ask if he wanted to make a debut in the entertainment industry.

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