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Chapter 29: Qiao Family Has Only Made Its Mark Recently

Qiao Nian’s eyes were full of shock.

She held up the sanitary pads and saw that it was the brand that girls used often.

Had he prepared these for her?

How could Ye Wangchuan have known that her tummy was uncomfortable and her period was coming?

Qiao Nian thought her endurance was stronger than that of ordinary people and really couldn’t figure out how he had noticed it. Had he seen her little movements when she rubbed her lower abdomen after saving the child?


She took out all the sanitary pads, chose a hoodie, and closed the closet.

After getting dressed, she took out her laptop from her shoulder bag and placed it on the desk.

The configuration on her computer didn’t lag at all and booted in seconds.

As soon as it turned on, a hidden QQ message appeared.

[Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: Qiao Nian, I’ve sold the medicine, and the price has reached a new high this time. Anyway, you have so many medicines, do you want to buy two more next month?]

[Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: I’ve already processed the money, take a look.]

[Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: By the way, there’s another thing. The person asking you to treat him can also promise to do another thing for you. Anything not illegal is okay! That person has a background in Beijing, do you want to think about it?]

Qiao Nian’s eyes were cold and dry as her white fingers fluttered on the keyboard.

[QN: Not interested.]


She just closed the dialog box when a new message popped up.

She rubbed her forehead and opened the message irritably.

It was Wei Lou again.

[Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: You’re finally online. I thought you wouldn’t use the computer today.]

[Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: I told the Qiao Family that I’ll say goodbye after cooperating on the last project.]

[Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: Actually, they’re not qualified enough to cooperate with me. You lifted them to a height that doesn’t belong to them, and they’re still catching up, thinking how powerful they are. They’re doing everything possible to get rid of you. Let them see how little the Qiao Family amounts to without you.]

Leaning back on her chair, Qiao Nian looked at the flashing screen with cold eyes and didn’t see any more messages.

The Qiao Family used to have a small amount of money, but they had really made a fortune in recent years…

At the Qiao Family’s house.

Qiao Weimin just talked to Qiao Chen’s headteacher and told her that she would be recommended to Ren Yi after the college entrance examination.

“Really? That’s great. It’s a good thing! Ren Yi is one of the best schools in the arts. Her future will be promising if she goes there!”

The headteacher was naturally happy that her student could attend a prestigious school without the college entrance examination results, and complimented Qiao Weimin on the phone.

“Chairman Qiao is really lucky to have such a well-behaved and sensible daughter. Chen Chen is also a top student in our class, and many students regard her as their goal. I’ll tell them about this good news when the school morning meeting opens tomorrow.”

Qiao Weimin had money and good maintenance. Coupled with the fact that business had been smooth in the past few years and he had little pressure, his face was free of wrinkles despite the fine age of 40. His appearance alone looked like that of a prideful successful businessman.

He smiled at the headteacher’s compliment and then suddenly said, “By the way, Teacher Chen, there’s one more thing I need to ask for your help…”

Chen Xi readily agreed. “Chairman Qiao, Chen Chen is my proud student. As long as I can help, I’ll definitely do so.”

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