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Chapter 28: Cohabitation

Qiao Nian took a deep look at him and sized him up, pondering slightly. She readily accepted his explanation and raised her eyebrow lazily and carelessly. “Maybe.”

She was serious!

Jiang Li was speechless.

He was still immersed in shock as they entered the house. Until he realized that someone was already inside.

“Master Wang?”

Ye Wangchuan seemed to have just taken a shower and was wearing casual home clothes. His damp hair covered his brow bone while he wiped the dripping water with a towel, making the Buddhist string beads on his wrist very conspicuous. He clearly hadn’t rested well in a few days, and the bloodthirsty breath was suppressed deep in his red eyes, but the Buddhist string beads still seemed to suit him…

Jiang Li forgot about being triggered by Qiao Nian just now and stepped forward with a look of surprise. “Why are you here?”

This was his house for sure…

Ye Wangchuan’s deep gaze fell on Qiao Nian for a second before he walked over casually. “My house is under renovation. I’ll stay with you for a while.”

Jiang Li: “It’s fine if you want to stay, there are so many rooms in the villa anyway… The question is, wasn’t your house just recently renovated?”

The Ye family had properties all over the country, and Ye Wangchuan himself was a hidden rich man who had several properties. He definitely had more than one villa in Rao City.

Even if one villa needed renovation, there was no need for him to stay in someone else’s house.

He remembered that the star-rated hotel of Rao City’s new landmark was also Master Wang’s private property.

“It was too ugly, so I made them disassemble it and do it again.”

His tone was as casual and simple as if buying groceries on the street.

While he spoke, he had already come downstairs. He slowly rolled the sleeves of his clothes, revealing his wrist bones’ smooth and strong lines. Throwing the towel on the sofa and bending over to pour a glass of water, Ye Wangchuan continued, “Before I moved here, I asked my assistant to purchase some girl’s supplies and put them upstairs.”

Jiang Li raised the shopping bags in his hand. “You bought stuff for Nian Nian too? You should have told me earlier, I bought some too.”

He wouldn’t have gone to buy them himself if he had known earlier.

Ye Wangchuan glanced at the paper bags in his hands. They were all brands that girls liked. He pursed his lips and said in a low voice, “It’s fine for girls to have more clothes to wear!”

“True.” Jiang Li thought about it and agreed.

Jiang Xianrou had many clothes, and the family had even specially prepared a cloakroom for her to keep all her clothes and bags. Compared to Xianrou, Nian Nian’s clothes were pitiful, even if she bought a few more outfits!

He carried the shopping bags and guided Qiao Nian upstairs. “Let’s go, Nian Nian. I’ll bring you to see your room.”

The second floor had three rooms. After bringing her into her room, Jiang Li considerately gave her some space and headed downstairs.

Qiao Nian put down her shoulder bag and glanced around the room.

The room was big, with excellent lighting and ventilation. The overall color scheme was warm, and a big rabbit doll was placed on the soft bed. She didn’t know if it was Ye Wangchuan or Jiang Li who had bought it.

She took the rabbit doll away, pulled up her hair, and went into the bathroom.


The sound of dripping water went on for more than half an hour. After taking a shower, Qiao Nian came out, refreshed. She opened the closet and wanted to change into a new set of clothes.

Her clothes were too dirty to wear.

Jiang Li had bought her pleated skills that girls liked, but they were too uncomfortable to wear.

Qiao Nian opened the closet, thinking that there would be a few clothes similar to what Jiang Li had bought hanging inside. However, she was shocked to see the closet full of clothes.

Besides clothes, there was also a new black leather bag.

The key point was that the most conspicuous part of the bag were three packs of sanitary pads: daily use, night use, and ultrthin.

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