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Chapter 289: Sister Nian Taking Independent Admissions Exam

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Qiao Nian didn’t expect him to be so observant. She pursed her lips, put the phone down, and admitted casually. “Yeah, I like it.”

Ye Wangchuan looked up and immediately asked, “What major do you plan to study in university? Chinese medicine?”

Jiang Li looked at her curiously and asked, “Nian Nian, are you planning to study medicine too?”

Then, there would be two medical students in the family. He remembered that Xianrou was also a medical student. She seemed to be majoring in brain surgery and was a Clinical major at Qing University.

Qiao Nian didn’t know why he said “too”. She leaned back on the chair in a relaxed manner, as if she was nonchalant about everything. “Yes, if nothing happens, I should be studying Chinese medicine.”

She originally thought that Ye Wangchuan would show a look of “she has gone astray” like Shen Qingqing and the others. She never thought he’d not be surprised at all. Those deep and excessively narrow eyes looked at her, his thin lips touching. His voice was low and sultry as he said, “Chinese medicine is very good, it’s a good major. Have you thought about which school you want to go to?”


“Qing University.” Qiao Nian remembered what Liang Lu said this morning and asked him, “Do you know when’s the independent enrollment?”

Ye Wangchuan had studied at Qing University for a year before. “Yes. If I remember correctly, they’ll have an admissions exam in a month.”

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows and said, “I’ll go to participate.”

She liked Chinese medicine. No, it should be said that she liked domestic traditional culture!

Whether it was Chinese medicine or konghou.

Since some time ago, Western things had gradually become popular in China, ranging from KFC and McDonald’s to aerospace, food, clothing, housing, and transportation.

It seemed that knowing a few foreign languages ​​was a good thing.

But she thought that the really good things were exactly the things that everyone gradually forgot.

For example, the Western harp could play music, and so could the konghou. The same tune played with the konghou was more ethereal and sweet-sounding.

It was just that this instrument was not known to many!

Another example was surgery.

When it came to surgery, everyone thought that it must belong to the category of Western medicine, but in fact, whether it was musical instruments or the methods of curing diseases and saving people, the proud achievements of the West were nothing but the leftovers of the Chinese ancestors!

She wanted to learn Chinese medicine to learn more and make progress with people who understood this. On the other hand, she wanted people like Liang Lu to see that some things were not only available in the West, but also in China. In fact, it was even better than Western ones!

“If nothing else, I might go to Beijing in a month.” Qiao Nian’s scarlet lips were pursed, and her dark eyes were calm and confident but didn’t shrink back. Her voice was hoarse and stubborn. “I’ll take the exam.”

Jiang Li and Gu San couldn’t recover for a long time.

Gu San reacted faster and looked at her in surprise. “Miss Qiao, are you going to take the college entrance examination?”

He peeked at Ye Wangchuan’s reaction and then said in concern, “Miss Qiao, Qing University’s scores are very high. Do you… do you want to reconsider?”

The exams at Qing University weren’t easy. Even if they recruited students independently without looking at the results of the college entrance examination, the exam papers were still difficult!

After the written test, there would be an interview. The two subjects would then be added together, and only those with high scores could be admitted.

Each college had a limited number of places for admission. At that time, high-achieving students from all over the country would participate. The competition was stronger than in the college entrance examination.

First High School was a good school in Rao City, but it didn’t count as anything in the whole country!

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