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Chapter 288: Ordered for Them

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The Phaeton arrived at a Hai Di Lao hot pot store in the city center. There were no private rooms in Hai Di Lao, so everyone sat in the same dining area.

Qiao Nian asked for a table that was located deeper inside the store, but even as they were seated in a more private location, Ye Wangchuan’s outstanding looks still attracted many glances.

Qiao Nian was used to this. She got the menu from the waiter and asked, “A double soup base or chili soup base?”

She was used to the chili soup base herself, but she knew that Ye Wangchuan and the rest were not so good with their spice tolerance.

She checked against the “double soup base” box, then heard the man say, “It’s up to you. I’ll eat whatever you like.”

Qiao Nian raised her brow at him with her teasing eyes and almost said, “I want to eat the extra spicy chili soup base, will you eat it with me?” But she chose to swallow her words and pick a mildly spicy soup base and a tomato one.

After choosing the soup bases, she ordered another ten-odd dishes on the iPad and then passed it to them. She leaned back in her seat, carefree and relaxed. “I’m done ordering, you guys can add on anything you’d like.”

Jiang Li did not stand on ceremony. He added another four dishes after looking through the iPad and then passed it to Gu San. He looked at Qiao Nian with a weird expression. “Nian Nian, you eat chicken’s kidney?”

He was so surprised when he saw that a serving of chicken’s kidney was in the order. His sister’s taste was so unique?!


Qiao Nian was using her cell phone and replying to someone. Upon hearing his words, she looked up with her bright eyes and said, “Oh, I ordered this for the three of you. From the Chinese Medicine perspective, the chicken’s kidney can nourish the body’s energy and strengthen your constitution. It also helps to mitigate the symptoms of weakened kidneys, such as hot flashes and chills in the extremities, or sweating profusely. But it’s high in cholesterol, so it’s best to go easy on it. One serving is enough.”

Jiang Li was about to ask why she had to order it for them. But when he heard her say “nourish the body’s energy”, he felt a little odd.

He was in the entertainment industry and relationships were often complicated amongst artistes. The rest of the family was worried that he would go astray. Meanwhile, his little sister was egging him on by “nourishing his body” for him over a hot pot!

His facial muscles twitched as he turned to the other man and chuckled. “Master Wang, please have more of it later.”

Ye Wangchuan ignored his words. His gaze had been locked on the girl on her cell phone since the start. Seeing that she was on her cell phone the whole time, he asked all of a sudden, “You like Chinese Medicine?”

This was a strange way to start a conversation on this topic.

Gu San ordered a few dishes and then handed the iPad to the waiter. He looked at Qiao Nian curiously.

Miss Qiao liked Chinese Medicine?

Qiao Nian was replying to Shen Qingqing’s message. Shen Qingqing had sent her an image of her hot pot meal at Aunt Chen’s stall. The noodles in the red chili soup base looked so appetizing. It was nothing like where she was at now, looking fancier but with a much more muted taste.

She looked up when she heard Ye Wangchuan’s question.

Then, she heard him continue, “I just feel like you’re very interested in it.”

Ye Wangchuan leaned back slightly and relaxed, but his eyes were still fixed on hers. “The first time you saved Chen Chen, you used acupuncture too. That’s also a form of Chinese Medicine.”

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