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Chapter 284: Rejecting the Best Major and Going for the Worst Major

Confused, she couldn’t think straight for a moment. “Why did you choose Chinese Medicine? Did Qing University tell you that the available places for recommendations are reserved only for the Chinese Medicine Department?”

Even if it wasn’t Qing University’s specialty, the Biomedicine Department might be acceptable. Why must it be the Chinese Medicine Department?

Shen Qingqing couldn’t help but feel frustrated for her, thinking Sister Nian had won the grand prize, but after opening it, she didn’t win anything. She probably felt worthless and dejected.

Liang Bowen and his friends did not expect that the people from Qing University recommended the Chinese Medicine Department. They were stunned and did not know what to say.

Qiao Nian opened her cell phone to check for any new notifications. She leaned on her seat, raised her eyelids, and casually said, “No, I want to learn Chinese Medicine.”

Shen Qingqing said, “What?”

She asked cautiously, “So the people from Qing University didn’t recommend the Chinese Medicine Department?”

What exactly was the situation here?

She couldn’t wrap her head around it.

Qiao Nian looked at her imploring eyes, helplessly rubbed the bridge of the nose, and slowly said, “Qing University offered me a place in the Clinical Medicine Department. I want to study Chinese Medicine, so I refused them.”

“Don’t be so arrogant!” Liang Bowen couldn’t resist his rude words and looked at her in disbelief. “Sister Nian, you said you refused Qing University’s invitation? Because you want to study Chinese Medicine?”

Refusing the best major just because you wanted to study the “worst” major!

If word got out, was it possible that Sister Nian may even be assaulted in public?

Qiao Nian didn’t think there was anything wrong with what she said. Her eyes widened slightly, and her whole body was full of indignation. “Is there a problem?”

With an indescribable expression on Liang Bowen’s face, he immediately said, “No, no problem. If it was someone else, it may be problematic. But I have no problem with your decision!”

Ever since the birthday party where he met the person he thought he would never have a chance of meeting, he now felt as though nothing would seem strange as long as it involved Qiao Nian.

What was so weird about rejecting a recommendation from Qing University?

Who would have thought that Sister Nian’s father was a professor from Qing University? She also had an influential brother and even had a close relationship with the boss of Cheng Feng Corporation. They were close enough that she gave her a house. Furthermore, she also knew people of Old Master Su’s caliber.

Besides, when she dealt with Qiao Chen the other day, her coding skills… To be honest, compared with all these amazing feats, college seemed to be the only thing that Qiao had in common with her peers.

After Liang Bowen had time to think it through, he didn’t take it as a matter of importance. He simply put it behind him. “It’s just Qing University. So what if you refuse them?”

He thought of something else and frowned. “By the way, Sister Nian, have you heard that Qiao Chen is going to transfer to another school…”

He was well informed and wondered how to break the news. “I heard that she’s going to transfer to the Fifth High School next door. The conditions there are not as good as that of First High School. Every year, First High School takes up a huge portion of the top placings in the College Entrance Examination. I thought she would at least transfer to a place like Yingcai High School.”

At least Yingcai High School was a private school. Although its overall performance was not as good as that of First High School, there would be several students with good results in the College Entrance Examination every year.

There was nothing wrong with it besides the fact that the tuition fees were a little bit too expensive.

Qiao Chen gave up becoming a talented person and went to Fifth High School to study. It only showed one thing: the Qiao family was now in a mess. They didn’t even have enough money to allow Qiao Chen to study and nurture her talent!

Qiao Nian didn’t respond. When Shen Qingqing heard that, she immediately twisted her eyebrows and said with disgust, “She deserves it!

“She made a big fuss about the recommendation for Ren Yi until the whole school knew. She even wanted to hold a news conference. Now that she has been disqualified, it’s natural that she’s embarrassed to continue studying in First High School. If I were her, I would also leave with my tail between my legs.”

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