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Chapter 278: Transfer Schools

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Tang Wei told them what the other party wanted!

“You think that the cancellation of Qiao Chen’s award is the end of it? Didn’t you hear them ask whether we’re bullying Qiao Nian because no one is doting on her?”

He Yujuan recalled now. “You mean that young man?”

She hadn’t taken much notice of that young man.

As compared to this young man she had never seen…


She was more worried about that ingrate’s biological father. She hadn’t expected Qiao Nian’s father from Luohe County to be a part of the powerful Jiang family.

This Jiang family had been slowly moving their base to Beijing. But they still had much power in Rao City—more than enough to deal with them.

As for that young man…

He Yujuan casually said, “That man is probably Qiao Nian’s lover… he should be studying at this age, but he’s out there using his looks to get girls.”


Lover? Tang Wei was about to laugh, but she simply wasn’t in the mood for that now. The tips of her lips were still pulled downwards as her fingers rapidly worked through the beads on her bracelet. “Let me give you some advice. Since Qiao Nian is giving you two options, you’d better think carefully and pick one. Don’t think of getting away with it. This isn’t something that you can settle with an apology or some money. If you can get away with this by breaking a leg or losing your Ren Yi placing, you should already be offering your thanks at the temple…”


“That serious?” He Yujuan didn’t realize how serious things were. She frowned in slight disbelief. “The Tang family…”

Ha, she was still bringing up the Tang family. Tang Wei’s heart raced and she almost pulled the beaded bracelet apart. She squeezed some words from her throat softly, “It’d be a blessing if the Tang family isn’t dragged down by you. Stop thinking that we can save you, we can barely save ourselves now.”

The moment she said this, He Yujuan slumped back on the couch and mumbled in shock and confusion, “How did it get so serious?”

Tang Wei had known her for decades and they were still friends. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be sitting here with them by now. Upon hearing that, she sighed and looked up at Qiao Chen again, who now had red and swollen eyes. She said, “Also, after you’ve made your choice, you should transfer Qiao Chen to another school. Out of sight, out of mind. If they don’t see her, they might just let her off.”

Qiao Chen’s head snapped up in shock. She clenched her teeth so hard, they were just short of shattering.

Her heart was almost beating out of her chest. She couldn’t accept Tang Wei’s suggestion.

It was bad enough that she had to give up her place in Ren Yi. Now, she couldn’t even stay in Rao City’s First High School?

Tang Wei didn’t care what she thought. If not for He Yujuan’s pitiful plea, she wouldn’t even have brought these suggestions up.

“The Qiao Family is about to go bankrupt, you people better get ready!”

The following day in Rao City’s First High School.

Qiao Weimin came with Qiao Chen to settle the paperwork for her transfer.

They went to the office as they had to inform the principal of it.

After making their intention known, Principal Yu revealed a shocked expression. However, he didn’t try to keep them. He simply said, “Qiao Chen has always been a student with excellent grades and is also a talented artist. The school regrets to see her go, but I respect your decision!”

He turned around and kindly said to the girl whose eyes were still puffy, “You’ve got to study hard at your new school. You’re already in your third year, I believe you’ll be able to get into a good university with your results.”

Despite knowing that Principal Yu might be saying this out of civility and to comfort her, Qiao Chen still felt her nose scrunch up as she choked on her words. She clenched her fists tightly and thanked him. “…Thank you, Principal Yu.”


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