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Chapter 277: Two Options for You, What More Do You Want?

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He was utterly regretful now and really wished that he could rewind time. Given another chance, he would never have revealed that Qiao Nian was adopted!

So what if they needed to feed one more person at home? It wasn’t as if they could not afford it. But now, their livelihood was at stake!

Having ranted her fill, Shen Qiongzhi asked him to think of a way again. Qiao Weimin was incredibly annoyed and could not think of any solution.

Thankfully, He Yujuan was around. She had a tight grip on her walking stick while her expression had been awful since she returned from Waterside Loft. The atmosphere at home was horrible as she turned to her friend and asked, “Do you think you have a way to deal with Chen Chen’s matter?”


Tang Wei sat in the head seat the moment she entered the Qiao household. She pulled a long face as her fingers went through the beads on her bracelet.

Upon hearing He Yujuan’s question, her eyelids twitched and she looked up coldly. She shot Qiao Chen, who was crying pitifully, a sharp glare. “You stole someone else’s musical composition and pushed a child down the stairs. They’re already giving you two options, what more do you want?”

She’d seen the video. If that video had not been captured by a passerby but by surveillance cameras instead, Qiao Nian might have handed it to the police by now.

They were being given two options now only because the video couldn’t be used as evidence.

Even so, the other party had this “blackmail material” in their hands, and even had huge backing from the Ye family. So what if they lacked concrete evidence? The Qiao’s still had to make a choice between two options!

Qiao Chen had never been told off so harshly before. Her face was pale and red all at the same time from anger and shame. And yet, she couldn’t find any words to rebuke.

She weighed her options and quickly lowered her head to apologize. “I’m sorry, Grandma Tang. I-I didn’t expect things to turn out this way…”

In the past, whenever she took Qiao Nian’s belongings, Qiao Nian wouldn’t mind it, much less ask for it to be returned.

She thought it would be the same with this composition.

Who knew that Qiao Nian was getting calculative now.

She even exposed her in front of everyone. And the worst thing was that the piece wasn’t meant to be a piano piece… giving her no chance to make an argument.

As for the child, she really had not pushed him down deliberately. The child was just such a brat and she couldn’t suppress her anger at that time. She had just raised an arm and the child fell on his own. She had regretted it immediately and had tried to catch him before he fell over, but failed. In the end, she had hurt her knee too, which was why she spat a few mean words thereafter.

Even now, Qiao Chen still felt aggrieved.

She hadn’t said anything wrong. That child was a cripple. He was so good-looking but walked with a limp—he wasn’t a normal, able-bodied person at all.

“I can apologize…” She inhaled sharply. She was reluctant to do so, but as a pragmatic person, she was willing to apologize to Qiao Nian and that child if that meant keeping her place at Ren Yi.


Shen Qiongzhi’s heart ached as she looked at how upset she looked. She was about to say something.

Right then, Tang Wei sneered and said coldly, “Do you really think that at this point, an apology would solve things?”

He Yujuan’s heart sank. Her brows were furrowed as she looked towards Tang Wei with a serious expression. “The Jiang family is powerful, but so is the Tang family. They wouldn’t possibly continue giving us trouble just because of the kids’ squabbles, right? Moreover, haven’t they already canceled Chen Chen’s award?”


This matter was enough to prevent Qiao Chen from joining the top tier of the high society in Rao City. What more did they want?


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