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Chapter 276: Cheng Feng Corporation Cooperated With Them Because of Qiao Nian

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At this moment, a bitter storm raged in the Qiao Family.

Qiao Chen’s eyes were red from crying. She grabbed Qiao Weimin’s clothes and pleaded bitterly. “Dad, you have to think of something. I can’t lose my place in Ren Yi.”


At this point, Shen Qiongzhi was also as white as a sheet. Her face was filled with panic and she couldn’t seem to calm down. She spoke up for Qiao Chen. “Yes, Weimin, you have to think of something. Chen Chen can’t lose her guaranteed spot. Otherwise, she’d have to take the college entrance examination…”

Qiao Chen’s score would definitely not qualify her for Ren Yi. That was why they used their connections to secure her a place in Ren Yi in the past. If it was lost…

Shen Qiongzhi’s eyes twitched. Their dreams of breaking into the upper circle would be ruined!



Just as she spoke, Qiao Weimin suddenly stood up and shouted at the crying girl, “You still have the cheek to cry! Did I tell you to steal someone else’s work to win a prize? Did I ask you to push someone else’s child down the stairs and not admit it?”

Qiao Chen was so frightened that she forgot to cry for a while.

Shen Qiongzhi saw her panicked and stressed face and her heart hurt. She quickly hugged and comforted her while raising her head irritably. “What’s the use of you yelling at her? She didn’t mean it, it just happened like that! She’s feeling the worst right now! As her father, you should find a way to help her.”


When Qiao Weimin saw that she was still protecting Qiao Chen at this time, he couldn’t bear to lash out again. He only felt disappointment as he fell back in the chair and said with a grimace, “After you said those words to Nian Nian, she isn’t replying to me now. I can’t help it.”

What could he do? She had concrete evidence and they were only given two choices.

Surrender her place in Ren Yi.

Or break her leg.

What should she choose?

“That ungrateful brat!” Shen Qiongzhi was still indignant. Whenever Qiao Nian was mentioned, apart from resentment and dissatisfaction, she never reflected on whether she had done something wrong from the beginning to the end. She only repeated the same thought over and over again. “So what if she’s from the Jiang Family? Our family raised her for 18 years and Chen Chen called her sister for 18 years. She changed her attitude as soon as she found her biological parents? If people knew about this, she would become a joke…”

Qiao Weimin murmured and wanted to say that the people who had turned into jokes were them and not Qiao Nian, but his chest was so uncomfortable that he didn’t say a word.

Initially, they organized this birthday banquet to gain recognition. But now, they were humiliated instead.

But it wasn’t this that frightened him the most. The CEO of Cheng Feng Corporation actually just called him.

He understood the meaning between the lines. In the past, Cheng Feng Corporation was willing to cooperate with them not because of how good the Qiao Corporation’s real estate was but because of Qiao Nian!

How old was Qiao Nian when they started working with Cheng Feng Corporation?

Was she even 14?

At that time, she seemed to be only in the third grade of junior high school.

How did she meet Yuan Yongqin when she was 14 years old and why did she think so highly of her such that she was willing to work with the Qiao Corporation because of her?

It seemed that since those years, the company’s business became smoother. Many projects that were not in their favor fell in their lap, and in the end, the company went public.

The more Qiao Weimin thought about it, the more frustrated he became. It seemed that the business started to become unsuccessful once Chen Chen’s health stabilized and Qiao Nian no longer had any value. He didn’t want a freeloader in the house and chased her away…

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