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Chapter 274: You Prepared Her Birthday Present Already?

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Tasting a strong scallion taste, she squinted her eyes. Well, it was slightly sweet.

Ye Wangchuan watched her expression closely. Seeing her take a bite, he was eager to ask, “How was it?”

Jiang Li and the kid were equally nervous.

The kid was the most nervous. His little hands were clenched tightly, and he stared at Qiao Nian with his big, dark eyes. He murmured, “Sister, is it too sweet?”

Young Uncle said that there was no need to put sugar in the noodles. However, since Sister was upset, he wanted to give her something sweet to cheer her up. When Young Uncle wasn’t looking, he secretly added two spoonfuls of sugar.

Ye Wangchuan still didn’t understand why the noodles were sweet.

The girl at the dining table didn’t have much of a reaction. The contour of her white jaw was soft, and her eyebrows were slightly raised. Her dark eyes were wild and fierce. She took another bite before lifting her head and saying, “It’s pretty good.”

“Really?” Ye Qichen, who secretly added sugar, was relieved but still a little worried.

“Really!” To prove it to him, Qiao Nian ate a few more mouthfuls.

She didn’t know who had put sugar on the noodles. Aside from the scallion oil, she could only taste the sugar. It was sickening.

She disliked sweet food and did not even drink milk tea. This was an unbearable sweetness.

However, she was already finishing the noodles.

The noodles at the bottom of the bowl were soaked in sugar. Qiao Nian couldn’t take it anymore and put down her chopsticks. “I’m full.”

The kid thought that she “enjoyed” the noodles. He smiled with excitement and exclaimed, “Sister likes it, I will make noodles for her again tomorrow!”


Qiao Nian could barely finish the noodles in her bowl. Hearing that, the corners of her mouth started to twitch. “… You don’t have to go through all this trouble.”

Ye Qichen wanted to give her his best and make her happy. Now that there was finally something she “enjoyed”, he didn’t find it troublesome at all. He quickly replied, “No trouble, it’s not troublesome at all!”

Jiang Li agreed. He raised his hands and said, “Nian Nian, since you like it, we’ll make it again for you tomorrow!”

Only Ye Wangchuan noticed the mysterious “white crystals” in her bowl. Recalling that Ye Qichen asked Qiao Nian if it was sweet, he could guess what had happened.

Chen Chen secretly added sugar into the noodles!

He was one of the few that knew Qiao Nian disliked sweet food. He immediately changed the topic. “Right. Today’s your birthday. This is for you.”

Qiao Nian looked at the blue brocade box in his hands. The box was square and palm-sized. She asked, “What’s this?”

Ye Wangchuan smiled. His deep eyes were bottomless. “Open it.”

Jiang Li cursed at him discreetly. “Wow. Master Wang. You prepared a present?”

Previously, he wanted to get Nian Nian a present. He asked him what he should buy and his reply was so different!

According to him, this was a belated birthday celebration and not Nian Nian’s actual birthday. It was enough to just have a meal together. He didn’t have to make it grand and prepare a gift, else Qiao Nian might feel uncomfortable.

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