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Chapter 273: Made Her Longevity Noodles

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Two older men and a kid were covered in flour from head to toe.

Ye Wangchuan was very handsome, so it was impossible for him to look pathetic. The kid also looked cute and loving. At most, they had gotten some flour on them.

The most pathetic one was Jiang Li!


His precious—can not be touched by others—hair looked as messy as a bird’s nest. The flour was so thick that his hair color couldn’t be seen anymore, and there was flour all over his neck and face.


His handsome image was ruined!

Qiao Nian smiled as she contemplated whether they were making noodles or destroying the kitchen.

Otherwise, this wouldn’t have happened.

“Nian Nian, you’re awake?” Jiang Li didn’t think much of his current appearance. He held onto a string of noodles excitedly and walked quickly towards the dining table. “You woke up at the right time. The noodles are just ready and piping hot. Come give it a try!”

While pushing the kid, Ye Wangchuan also walked over. His facial contours were beautiful along with his deep eyes. He smiled and said with a low voice, “Jiang Li, Chen Chen, and I made noodles for you. Since we’re celebrating your belated birthday, even though we don’t have a cake, you should at least have some noodles.”

Qiao Nian could tell that the three pairs of eyes looking at her were filled with anticipation and slight caution. She knew that they thought she wasn’t over what happened in the daytime.

She rubbed her eyebrows unconsciously, but her heart was warm. “You didn’t have to do this.”

She wasn’t the type of person to take things to heart. However, at that time, she wasn’t feeling well emotionally and wanted to be alone.

She felt better after sleeping.

She didn’t take what the Qiao Family members said to heart.

Seeing her calm expression and clear dark eyes, Jiang Li knew that she didn’t take what Shen Qiongzhi said to heart. He felt extremely relieved.

He blinked and sat Qiao Nian down on the chair. He placed the hot steaming bowl of noodles in front of her and said, “It’s my baby sister’s birthday celebration. You must have these noodles.”

“Quick, give it a try~”

Afraid that it wouldn’t taste good, he said in advance, “The noodles were made and seasoned by Master Wang. Chen Chen and I were his assistants. If it doesn’t taste good, you can just have a few mouthfuls. You don’t have to finish it.”

Gu San came over and poured Qiao Nian a cup of water silently. Hearing this, the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely.

Why did he feel that Young Master Jiang was becoming wilder after hanging out with Master Wang?

Qiao Nian hadn’t eaten these noodles before.

Only after sitting on the chair did she see the noodles in the bowl.

Thin, long noodles soaked in broth sprinkled with finely chopped green onion, which gave off a lingering scent. It wasn’t spicy, so she didn’t know why it looked so appetizing.

At this moment, a pair of chopsticks appeared in front of her.

She lifted her head and her eyes matched with a pair of eyes that seemed to draw people in.

“I know that you like spicy food. However, these noodles are made with scallion oil, so I didn’t add chili. I especially learned it. It should taste good. Would you like to give it a try?”

The kid was also looking at her with anticipation.

Qiao Nian didn’t have any interest in non-spicy noodles. However, she subconsciously took the chopsticks, picked up the noodles, and took a bite.

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