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Chapter 243: Each Big Boss Is More Impressive Than the Last

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Who would’ve guessed that the best-laid plans of mice and men often went awry? Qiao Nian’s cheap father happened to know Chairman Yuan of Cheng Feng Corporation.


That Chairman Yuan was someone they wanted to get in touch with!

Qiao Weimin could feel the nerve on his temple pounding. He rubbed his temple in frustration and said, “Leave it as it is for now. We’ll talk about Chairman Yuan’s matters another day. I’ll look for Nian Nian after today and see if she’s willing to help us out.

“Don’t go provoking her for now, you hear me?”

This was a reminder and a warning.

Qiao Chen was indignant but appeared obedient as she said, “Mm, I got it.”

Qiao Weimin felt somewhat comforted when he saw how sensible his daughter looked. He comforted her quietly, “Don’t be too upset with yourself. Although Nian Nian got Chairman Yuan here today, that’s only one person. You have Lan Lan, your Aunt Fu, Grandma Tang, and the expert Steven… you’re still the star of the day! Nobody can steal your limelight!”


Qiao Chen felt better hearing that.

That’s right. So what if Qiao Nian invited Yuan Yongqin? She’s just one person.

Unlike her side over here.

A good number of the celebrities in Rao City were already here.

There were reporters around, too.

Who could steal her limelight?

Her expression softened, and she slightly blushed. She appeared a little embarrassed as she wrapped her arm around her dad’s coquettishly. “I never thought of fighting with anyone for the limelight. If I could choose, I’d rather just have you and Mom. The three of us can eat together.”


Qiao Weimin couldn’t help but smile, knowing that his daughter was so filial and sweet.

As they spoke, a few other cars arrived.

This time, they seemed to know exactly where they were going. Instead of driving by the main entrance, they went straight to the side area.

As the people emerged one by one, the smile that had finally emerged on Qiao Weimin’s face froze!

He couldn’t recognize the handsome young man in flamboyant clothes.

But he knew the old man that came with him—Old Master Su!

His existence was domineering and commanding. If he was ranked second in Rao City, nobody would claim to be first!

How did Qiao Nian manage to invite such a figure!

The vein in his forehead twitched.

Besides him, the other guests whom the Qiao Family had invited felt their hearts race as well.

Tang Wei’s expression changed when she saw Su Huaiyuan. Her hand resting on her walking stick tensed up and started shaking. Her jaw got lower and her eyes wider.

The Jiang family!

They were so willing to set the scene for the child they’d just reunited with after over 10 years that they even invited Su Huaiyuan!


It was just a child’s birthday, did she need so many strong powers around her!

Her expression was awful, and so was Madam Fu’s. She knew Su Huaiyuan as well and could recognize that ordinary-looking old man right away.

She was just short of shrieking when she saw him.

If it wasn’t for Fu Ge holding her, she would’ve fallen to the floor and embarrassed herself. She was regretting terribly now. Why had she agreed to Fu Ge’s request of attending Qiao Chen’s party? She regretted thinking that Qiao Nian was a fake rich girl who wasn’t worthy of Fu Ge.

Had she known that Qiao Nian knew all these people, she wouldn’t have given her up for that Qiao Chen!

The Queen of Cinema, Lan Lan, felt even more regretful.

She had already regretted the moment Yuan Yongqin said those harsh things to Qiao Chen. Now that she saw those big shots whom she’d only ever seen on television go to the other side, she couldn’t conceal her twisted expression even under her thick makeup.

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