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Chapter 244: Only They Can Say That Half of Rao City Is Here

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Qiao Nian didn’t look at the reactions of those people standing by the entrance.

Mainly because she couldn’t be bothered.

Noon was approaching, and the people who were supposed to come were arriving.

Her cell phone rang non-stop.

Before she managed to have a proper conversation with Yuan Yongqin, Wei Lou and Su Huaiyuan arrived at the same time.

Both of them didn’t seem to have brought a present as they greeted her.

“Morning, Qiao Nian.”

“Happy birthday, Nian Nian.”

Yuan Yongqin was stunned for a moment when she saw Su Huaiyuan. She had no idea Qiao Nian knew him and intuitively turned to her with a questioning look.

Qiao Nian received that side-eye and casually explained to her, “Grandpa Su was a patient of mine.”

Yuan Yongqin and Wei Lou both knew her identity. They immediately showed understanding and didn’t probe further.

Qiao Nian wasn’t planning to explain much, either. She would need more time to make things clear to them.

She glanced at her cell phone and then said to the people around, “We’ll wait for a bit more. A few more friends are arriving, we’ll enter once they’re here.”

Liang Bowen was completely sold. Even his soul had gone numb and immune. He now raised a hand and said, “That’s alright, I’m not hungry yet anyway.”

“Me too.”

The rest of Class A echoed him.

Be it Yuan Yongqin or Su Huaiyuan, these students who spent most of their time in school had no exposure to this circle of people.

To them, Yuan Yongqin and Su Huaiyuan were just elders whom Qiao Nian knew.

Rather than get caught up with this, Jiang Tingting and the other girls were more interested in Wei Lou.

Ooh, that friend of Sister Nian’s was so handsome. And that dressing… how suave!

Qiao Nian received a call from the little one soon enough.


“Sister, Sister. Uncle and I are here, where are you?”

The sweet and obedient voice could be heard from her cell phone.

Qiao Nian looked towards the road and saw them. She smiled as she spoke into the phone, “To the left, in your five o’clock direction. Do you see me?”

She looked at the boy in the wheelchair holding his phone and peering around. He seemed to get the direction right pretty quickly.

His delighted voice sounded again.

“I saw you.

“I’m coming over right now.”

“Mm. No rush, take your time.”

Qiao Nian hung up and put her cell phone away. She then said to Su Huaiyuan and the rest, “Everybody I’m waiting for has arrived, we can start moving.”

“Okay.” Wei Lou had no objection.

Ye Wangchuan and Ye Lan came together with Ye Qichen. Jiang Zongjin and Jiang Li were together, too.

The two high-profile groups converged.

Jiang Li’s appearance stirred up quite a commotion over at the Qiao Family’s. When they took another look at everyone around Qiao Nian, a discussion erupted.

“Come look, it’s Jiang Li!”

“Damn, Jiang Li really came?”

“Hold up, why does that old man look so familiar? Could that be… Old Master Su? What’s going on here? Isn’t it Qiao Chen’s birthday celebration today, and they said they invited half of Rao City’s high society? With the divine group on that side, the Qiao Family’s guests are nobodies!”

“Hahaha! I was just about to say that! Damn, it’s Old Master Su! I even saw Mayor Yuan! Cheng Feng Corporation’s Chairman Yuan is there, too! And Jiang Li, gosh… Where did this Qiao Nian come from? This is insane. Only she can say that half of Rao City is actually here!”

They were all big shots and big bosses!

Amongst them was an extremely outstanding man. The irregular and funky blue stripes on his shirt appeared to have their elegance brought out by him. His aura was almost like that of the British royalty; every gesture, move, and his entire presence… Even though they didn’t know who he was, they were sure he wasn’t an ordinary man!

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