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Chapter 240: The Most Awkward Thing in the World

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“Ah, you’re by the side, not at the entrance? Left or right side?” Yuan Yongqin didn’t even glance at the father and daughter duo; they were practically nonexistent to her. She saw Qiao Nian soon enough and said, “I see you. Wait a moment, I’ll be right over.”

She smiled and hung up.

She then looked up, and it seemed like only now did she notice Qiao Weimin and Qiao Chen. She said coldly, “Please excuse me, you’re in my way.”


Qiao Weimin was speechless.

Qiao Chen fell silent.

The two of them blushed brightly.

Qiao Weimin clenched his jaw so hard his teeth almost shattered. He could barely control the facial spasms, but he still forced a smile. “C-Chairman Yuan, you’re not here to celebrate Chen Chen’s birthday?”

“Am I close to her?”

“That’s not what I meant…”

Since she wasn’t close to Qiao Chen, why did she have to celebrate her birthday? Yuan Yongqin then turned to the well-dressed girl on the red carpet and noticed her earrings. Before leaving, Yuan Yongqin stopped by her and said emotionlessly, “Miss Qiao, you shouldn’t wear Seven’s items in future. You can’t pull them off!”


Qiao Nian’s Liu Guang series designs had been inspired by a legendary woman who had passed on. That woman had led a beautiful and meaningful life and left behind a legacy.

Hence, every item in the Liu Guang series had a hint of flamboyance and arrogance.

Qiao Chen’s facial features were too plain and dull. The Liu Guang series looked like stolen adult clothes on a child.

It just didn’t fit.

Although this series was somewhat for Qiao Nian’s practice, she didn’t want others to insult her work.

Yuan Yongqin said, “It’s best not to insist on taking things that don’t belong to you.”

Qiao Chen’s face darkened.

She was at a loss as she stood in place, with no idea why Yuan Yongqin was so harsh and mean to her. She didn’t even save her any face when she told her off.

Yuan Yongqin walked past them quickly and directly headed toward Qiao Nian…

“Nian Nian.” Her domineering aura suddenly dissipated. She just seemed like an aunt who was dressed a little more formally.

She even looked at the people around Qiao Nian and asked with a smile, “Are these your classmates?”

Liang Bowen thought he was a well-exposed man.

But after learning that Sister Nian’s father was a professor from Qing University and that she had a top-tier celebrity brother, he had broadened his horizons and was much less easily impressed.

But at this point, his eyes widened and his jaw was about to drop.

Cheng Feng Corporation’s Chairwoman actually knew Sister Nian!!!

He suddenly recalled the bracelet Sister Nian gave Shen Qingqing. It seemed like a Seven-brand item.

Seven was under Cheng Feng Corporation.

His gaze was complex with emotions as he turned towards Qiao Nian. He was at a loss for words.

Shen Qingqing had no idea who Yuan Yongqin was and nudged Liang Bowen as she whispered, “Hey, do you know who this ‘friend’ of Sister Nian’s is?

“She looks like a businesswoman, probably over 30, about the same age as my aunt. Why would Sister Nian know someone my aunt’s age?”

Liang Bowen wanted to knock her on the head and ask her if age was all she looked at.

But he was confused himself and simply told her, “Your idol is Sister Nian’s elder brother. What’s so strange about having older friends?

“All you need to know is that she’s extremely impressive.”

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