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Chapter 239: Shameless Curry Favoring

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But they dared not undermine Yuan Yongqin.

Differently from them, she was from Beijing.

And the Yuan family did have some standing there.

Moreover, Cheng Feng Corporation had been doing so well under her over the past years. Naturally, Yuan Yongqin herself had also built a name for herself.

The Qiao Family actually managed to invite Yuan Yongqin… Smoothing her frown, Madam Fu heaved a sigh of relief.

She really hadn’t wanted to come today because Qiao Chen had disgusted her at the hospital so badly. Moreover, Qiao Chen was the reason they offended the Ye family as well. Madam Fu had been so stressed out recently, afraid that the Ye family would take revenge on them.

Fortunately, the Ye family was too busy going to the hospital and back. It’d been over a week now, and they didn’t find trouble with them.

She could finally relax.

She was here today only because her son insisted. At least Qiao Chen managed to win a good award, and it was second place at that.

Fu Ge also mentioned that the Tang family would come.

Only then did she reluctantly agree to attend.

Madam Fu felt much better when she saw Yuan Yongqin’s arrival.

Seemed like she made the right choice.

Qiao Nian wasn’t to be feared!

“Aunt Yuan.” Qiao Chen followed after her father and greeted her sweetly.

Yuan Yongqin furrowed her brows as she looked at them. She was carrying something in one hand and holding her cell phone in another. She seemed to be on a call with someone.

Qiao Weimin wasn’t done buttering her up. “Chairman Yuan, it’s just my child’s birthday. Your presence is more than enough. You needn’t have brought a gift…”

Qiao Chen also saw the bag Yuan Yongqin was carrying.

It was a Seven bag, but she wasn’t sure about its contents. She was so excited.

Cheng Feng Corporation was Seven’s parent company. Thus, it was pretty easy for Yuan Yongqin to get hold of the newest designs. It’d be even better if the gift was from S’s newest limited edition series!

Qiao Chen’s eyes lit up as she thanked her in advance. “Thank you, Aunt Yuan.”


Shen Qingqing was annoyed to see another big shot arriving on Qiao Chen’s side. She felt worse by the minute.

“Sister Nian, why don’t I pretend to have a stomachache? Then you can say that you’re sending me to the hospital!” She couldn’t think of a better idea besides feigning an illness.

“No need, one of the people I’m waiting for is here.” Qiao Nian picked up her phone and was ready to receive a call.

Shen Qingqing didn’t see any car drive by, though. Could Sister Nian’s guest be walking here?

Wasn’t that worse than her suggestion?

If they feigned an illness, they could save themselves the trouble of hearing Qiao Chen’s barking later.

She wasn’t worried for herself but Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian had already seen the woman surrounded by the Qiao family members. She very casually picked up her phone. “… Hello, Aunt Yuan.”

“Chairman Yuan, you must be tired carrying this. I’ll get someone to hold it for you.” Qiao Weimin wanted to get someone’s help.

But right this moment, Yuan Yongqin’s phone call got through and she broke into a smile. She held the phone to her ear. “Hello, Nian Nian, I’m here. Where are you? Why don’t I see you?”

Nian Nian?

Qiao Chen’s face went pale, and her heart almost leaped out of her chest.

It couldn’t be Qiao Nian, right?

Qiao Weimin’s expression sank as well, his expression alternating between a bright red and pale green. His hand was suspended in the air, as if the atmosphere had gone stale at that moment. Utterly awkward.

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