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Chapter 232: Humiliation (6)

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He Yujuan thought he was trying to protect Qiao Nian. She was so angry that she shook uncontrollably and lashed out at him. “She must be doing this on purpose. Can’t you see that she snapped back at me? She’s a horrible child.”

“She knows this is an important day for us. What’s she doing at the Waterside Loft! She must be trying to cause trouble!”

Liang Bowen couldn’t take it anymore. “The Waterside Loft is a dining place. If you guys can come here, why can’t we?”

“Who are you, anyway?” He Yujuan glanced at him in disdain. “I know her better than you, you are in no position to say anything!”

This person was ridiculous.

Liang Bowen wanted to defend himself.

Qiao Nian pulled him aside. Impatient, she asked with her raspy voice, “Didn’t Qiao Chen tell you why I’m here?”

She thought that Qiao Chen would tell them.

“Chen Chen?” He Yujuan looked at her granddaughter and thought that Qiao Chen invited her out of goodwill. She then said impatiently, “Chen Chen is really kind to treat you as a part of the family. Even if she invited you, it’s useless. We don’t welcome you here, leave!”


Qiao Nian laughed uncontrollably.

She must treat Waterside Loft as her own place, and they were the only ones allowed here.

“Who told you Qiao Chen invited me?”

Qiao Chen heard that and felt embarrassed. She tugged her grandma’s sleeve and whispered to her, “Grandma, she’s here for a meal too.”

Qiao Chen was too busy doing her hair and face, so she forgot to tell her family about what happened in school. They didn’t know that Qiao Nian would be treating everyone to a meal here.

She started to panic now that she was embarrassed. She said, “Her… dad decided to celebrate her birthday for her. Hence, they booked a place at the Waterside Loft’s outer area at the last minute.”

They booked a place outside, not a private room!

At the last minute, too!

Shen Qingqing had to control herself from tearing Qiao Chen to shreds. What she said sounded so horrible.

Where did she learn to speak like that, anyway?

He Yujuan couldn’t believe what she said and asked, “You didn’t invite her?”

Qiao Chen didn’t dare to say that there was no way she would invite Qiao Nian. She looked at Qiao Nian apologetically, shook her head, and said, “I didn’t.

“Grandma, she must be waiting for someone too. Let us go back.”

Worried He Yujuan would refuse, she continued softly, “… There are reporters around.”

Qiao Nian was too attractive.

Some of them started to notice the commotion over here and took a few shots in their direction.

She was meant to be the star today, so she couldn’t wait to leave this place. She tugged on He Yujuan and whined. “Grandma.”

He Yujuan really hated Qiao Nian even though she knew Qiao Nian wasn’t invited by Qiao Chen and was just having a meal here.

She looked at her in condemnation and exclaimed, “Fine. She’s just copying us, anyway! I want to witness what kind of tricks she can pull!”

Qiao Nian stood up straight with a wild look in her eyes. She snapped back. “Alright, keep a lookout for it, then.”

She indeed had something planned for today!

Qiao Nian stood up to the Qiao Family, and they couldn’t do anything to her. They even left in anger.

Liang Bowen, Shen Qingqing, and the rest looked at her in admiration. They gave her a thumbs up and exclaimed, “Sister Nian, you’re so cool!”

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