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Chapter 233: Sister Nian Is Getting Exposed

Knowing what the Qiao Family was really like, Chen Yuan asked worriedly, “Will they try to take revenge?”

Even though they may look kind and harmless on the outside, the Qiao Family was vicious. He was worried about Qiao Nian.

However, Qiao Nian didn’t care about them. She maintained a fierce look in her eyes and said nonchalantly, “I look forward to it.”

Chen Yuan was speechless.

Qiao Nian’s phone vibrated after she finished speaking.

She took it out and checked it.

She received a message from Yuan Yongqin.

[Aunt Yuan: Nian Nian, I’m on my way. Are you there yet?]

Qiao Nian was starting to get tired. She thought for a while before replying.

[QN: I’m waiting for you at the entrance.]

Yuan Yongqin’s reply was fast.

[Aunt Yuan: Alright.]

Qiao Nian kept her phone and looked towards the entrance.

Qiao Chen and the rest of the Qiao family managed to pull He Yujuan away. Judging from her expression, she must be frustrated.

She was right.

He Yujuan was utterly angered by her.

Even though Qiao Chen had pulled her back to the entrance already, she was still yelling while waving her walking cane. “Take a good look at Qiao Nian. She was never a part of this family. Our family would never have someone like her!”

Qiao Nian was a wild child!

Even though she was so old and experienced, she was still shocked by the look in her eyes.

Since she couldn’t take it out on Qiao Nian and couldn’t bear to lash out at her son and granddaughter, she started to lash out at Shen Qiongzhi.

She screamed. “She’s rebelling! How did you bring her up to be this way?”

Shen Qiongzhi felt wronged. Not bearing to be insulted like that, she explained herself, “She wasn’t like this in the past. She might have a few screws loose today.”

Qiao Weimin saw how cold Qiao Nian was looking at them just now. It was nothing like he had ever seen before.

It was frightening.

He then called out to them unhappily. “Break it off. It’s an important day today, and there are reporters around.”

Qiao Chen didn’t feel good about what happened just now. But when she saw the reporters, she held onto He Yujuan’s arm and smiled. She then said softly, “Grandma, she can wait there all she wants. She’s just waiting for her brother and father, anyway. Have you forgotten that we have invited guests as well? She can’t possibly pull any tricks.”

So what if Qiao Nian knew Jiang Li?

He was just a celebrity. Everyone had connections like that, right?

Qiao Chen tried not to care about Qiao Nian as she tried to calm He Yujuan down.

“Don’t be angry, the doctor asked you to take care of your blood pressure. You shouldn’t be so angry, you must take care of your health…”

He Yujuan really liked her granddaughter. After Qiao Nian spoke nicely to her, she felt better. She didn’t look at Qiao Nian anymore and pretended as though there wasn’t anyone there.

It was time for lunch.

The guests invited by the Qiao Family started to arrive.

As the host, the Qiao Family stood at the entrance to welcome everyone.

Even though they were at a distance away, Qiao Nian and the rest of Class A could hear Qiao Weimin hosting the guests.

“President Wang, welcome, please come in.”

“President Li, you’re here already? Come in please.”

“Madam Fei, thank you for coming today. This is my daughter, Chen Chen. Please come in.”

Qiao Chen helped to welcome the guests as well.

But she would just smile next to Qiao Weimin and greet the guests politely.

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