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Chapter 204: His Lock Screen

Ye Wangchuan passed the kid to Gu San and instructed him to take him to bed.

He then poured a glass of water for Qiao Nian and handed it to her.

He had slender fingers. They looked beautiful as he held them against the glass cup. Qiao Nian blinked and thanked him with her raspy voice.

She then held the glass, drank the entire cup, and felt revitalized.

Exhausted, she wasn’t in the mood to chat. She placed the cup on the table and said to them, “I’m heading upstairs to take a nap.”

“Alright, I’ll prepare some porridge for you. I’ll wake you up when it’s done,” Ye Wangchuan said as he removed his jacket and revealed the dark sweater underneath. You could see his lean muscular body from the outline of the sweater. It was seductive.

Jiang Li frowned when he saw this.

However, Qiao Nian wasn’t interested because she was exhausted. She acknowledged him and headed upstairs.


Jiang Li looked at Qiao Nian as she headed upstairs. When he heard the door close, he chased after Ye Wangchuan, who was rolling up his sleeves as he walked towards the kitchen.

“Master Wang, what happened in the afternoon? How did Chen Chen fall, anyway? Why did Nian Nian… operate on him?”

He was utterly shocked when he heard that Qiao Nian operated on Ye Qichen just now.

Ye Qichen was the darling of the Ye family. If the operation failed, there was no way Nian Nian could take responsibility for it.

Ye Wangchuan retrieved the ingredients from the fridge. He held the pork liver and prawns as he walked around Jiang Li. He then put on the apron and started to wash the ingredients.

Jiang Li continued to ask him, “Master Wang, please answer me. What happened!”

Ye Wangchuan started to dice the prawns. He had beautiful, slender hands without any fats. It was a joy watching him cook.

However, Jiang Li was anxious and couldn’t appreciate this beautiful scene. He wanted to grab the knife off his hands.

“Master Wang!”

Ye Wangchuan was annoyed by his constant question. He filled up half of the clay pot with water and put the rice in it. He then turned on the stove and placed the clay pot on it.

Leaning against the cabinet, he then turned to Jiang Li and explained, “Chen Chen fell down the stairs at the hospital. The person with him claimed that he fell accidentally. I’ll need to investigate things thoroughly before I can tell you what happened.”

Jiang Li continued, “Nian…”

Ye Wangchuan knew what he was going to ask the moment the words came out of his mouth. He looked at him thoughtfully and said with his raspy voice, “As for Qiao Nian, Chen Chen is fine because of what she did.”

However, his explanation wasn’t helpful to Jiang Li.

He was still confused over what happened in the afternoon. However, Ye Wangchuan chased him out of the kitchen.

Jiang Li couldn’t sit still. He wanted to find someone so that he could find out what happened. However, no one in the house wanted to help him.

He sat on the sofa for a while and saw Ye Wangchuan bring the porridge to the second floor.

He immediately stood up.

He wanted to head up as well.

He wanted more information.

Suddenly, he saw Master Wang’s phone lit up. Someone was calling him.

“Who’s calling at such a late hour?” Jiang Li grumbled as he walked over and picked up the phone. Then, he became shocked.

Master Wang’s lock screen…

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